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Who owns Bumbo Bridge? Not us says Council

The Bodalla community and Eurobodalla Council are coming to loggerheads over who is responsible for the Bumbo Bridge that is in need of repair. Council says it has no responsibility for it yet failed due diligence to prove it - they might like to read the following and reassess. In the opinion of the State Government Roads and Maritime as per a GIPA request of October 2018 the road providing access to the bridge known as Bumbo Bridge is in the ownership of Council. From that point on Council claims no responsibility.

Above: The GIPA request clearly shows ownership of the road leading to the Bumbo Bridge as Council's

From the above it is confirmed that Council owns to the norther abutment of the Bumbo Bridge

Across the Bumbo Bridge on the southern shores of Bumbo Creek is Riverview Farm with a road that leads to Silo Farm Bridge and loops back to Bodalla via Redex Road.

Above: 1918 showing Redex Road in the south west

Above: The original Parish Plans of Bodalla do not indicate any Public Roads traversing Riverview Farm connecting with Redex Road in the west below Bumbo Lake. This however did not stop the DMR from detouring the highway traffic through the farm for months on end over a 10 ton limit bridge they built crossing Bumbo Creek following the Tuross Bridge collapsed in 1954

Riverview Farm has been a dairy for over 150 years. It is now a family owned with a spend in the Eurobodalla Shire area in excess of $550,000 annually employing 3 staff. Access to the farm is from Bumbo Road and across Bumbo Bridge via the Public Road reserve known as Lot 1 and Lot 2 of DP327858. Council received this road reserve from the Bodalla Company Limited in 1931.

Above: The reason for the purchase was to place into council’s ownership the road and bridge access as demonstrated in the letter from Councillor Jeffery Bate to the Shire Clerk dated 6 November 1930 where he states that “with reference to proposed road to Bridges bridge to Riverview. I have made full enquiries and those concerned are agreeable to put in order and to give over to Council.” It was 13 months later that the deeds for the transfer of the 2 Lots that contained the road were registered. The deeds were received and accepted by Council as noted in the Council Meeting Minutes dated 6/7/1932 (Page 381 #328).

The Bumbo Creek bridge, also referred to as Riverview Bridge and Redex Bridge, starts at its northern end with an abutment contained within Lots 1 and 2 in DP327858, which is owned by the Eurobodalla Shire Council, and as such, that abutment is under the care and control of Council and if it was to fail Council would be responsible. What of the rest of the Bumbo Bridge structure? Who is responsible for it? Who built it?