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Broulee Runners Wed May 8th

Wednesday 8 May was a great night for running and celebrating the success of a number of people. There were 53 starters and we welcomed Matty Woods and his family Mirra and Teeka Boon to their first run with the group.

In the 2 kilometres Peter Johnsen did a personal best. In the 3.5 kilometres Vicki Whitter and Makayla Wade improved. In the 5 kilometres it was a great night for the Hadley family with Paris and Matt recording personal best times

David McCann recorded his 200th run this evening. David had his first run back on 31 August 2011. He is a regular having competed in all three events and is regularly helps out as a starter. Peter Johnsen completed his 30th run. He is head of the family of 5, who have participated in the event over a long period of time. Laura Lopresti completed her 30thrun and she is the inspiration for 5 other members of her family.

We were fortunate to have Daniel Beby and Julie De Ernsted join us this evening. Daniel competed in the Port Macquarie Ironman and again qualified to race the Hawaii Ironman in October. This event is regarded as the World Championship of long-distance Triathlon. Julie completed her first half Ironman at the same event and her performance was outstanding.

Above: David McCann (red) and peter Johnsen (blue). David 200 runs and Peter 30 runs

Below: the Lopresti family with Tino, Isabella, 30-run Laura, and Rocco

2 Kilometres

Justin Murphy 8.12 Tino Lopresti 8.53 Liliana Murphy 10.33 Angus Murphy 10.34 Hallie Wignell 10.52 Jade Berry 12.51 Audrey Knobel 12.51 Peter Johnsen 16.17 Ebony Berry 16.21 Mirra Boon 16.46 Jacquie Berry 16.56 Nina McPherson 17.16 Andrew McPherson 17.19 Teeka Boon 17.42 Matty Woods 17.42 Isabella Lopresti 18.53 Amber Domeny 18.54 Rachael Ward 19.48 Riley Beby 20.20 Mitchell Beby 20.20 Ashlee Beby 20.40 Michelle Beby 20.42 Christina Murray 21.00 Jenny Pollock 21.03 Roz Hayward 21.10 Regina Knobel 21.11 Lotte Knobel 21.11 Trish Eccles 21.14 Aiden Johnston 23.29 Cat Johnston 23.31

3.5 Kilometres

Andrew Greenway 19.41 Laura Lopresti 20.26 Sandra Lunn 21.18 Julianne Domeny 21.50 Megan McClelland 22.05 Vicki Whitter 22.59 Gary Ashton 22.59 Mike Kennedy 25.34 Erynn Carter 26.06 Robyn Kennedy 26.12 Makayla Wade 27.56 David McCann 28.15

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 21.15 Harrison Gilligan 23.06 Stephanie Lunn 24.35 Vaughn Gilligan 25.17 Jason Domeny 25.49 Paris Hadley 26.30 Matt Hadley 28.10 Yma Carnall 29.11 Garran Carnall 29.12 Tracy Denning 34.50 Lisa Robbins 34.50

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