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Broulee Runners Wed 10th Apr 2019

The first Broulee run/walk after day light saving finished gave us a taste of the cooler conditions to came. Regardless, it must have been ideal as there were 12 personal best times.

In the 2 kilometres, personal best times were recorded by Benjamin and Eva Mackay, Tino Lopresti, Deakin McPartland, Harper Lasscock and Peter Johnsen. In the 3.5 kilometres, the improvers were Erin Drewsen, Tess Klower and Andrew Greenway. In the 5 kilometres, the improvers were Angus Murphy and Tessa Muskett.

Kirsty Campbell (Pictured) recorded her 30th run this evening after an absence of almost 3 years. It must be back to Broulee as Tessa Muskett run a best time after an absence of almost 6 years. It is great that people remember the run and that we can keep a record of their past achievements.

Lauren Evans and Lisa Robbins are competing in the Canberra Marathon and half Marathon this coming weekend and they will make the Broulee runners proud. We also congratulate Nev Madden and Jill Brown who both competed in the Albury Marathon weekend in late March.

Above: Kirsty Campbell wearing her thirty run shirt.

2 Kilometres

Tino Lopresti 8.15 Deakin McPartland 8.17 Rosie McPartland 9.17 Declan McPherson 9.45 Harper Lasscock 10.24 Evie Theodore 12.08 Emily Dickinson 12.21 Bruce Dickinson 12.22 Nellie Shanahan 12.25 Rocco Lopresti 12.55 Hannah Campbell 12.58 Kirsty Campbell 12.59 Erin Domeny 13.29 Isabella Lopresti 13.29 Carissa Morgan 13.56 Janelle Morgan 13.56 William Brewer 15.00 Molly Brewer 15.06 Katie Moon 15.07 Gillian Edwards 16.03 Peter Johnsen 16.22 Travis Dummett 17.28 Kathryn Jeffery 17.40 Suzanne Klower 18.29 Benjamin Mackay 20.51 Eva Mackay 20.52 Jenny Pollock 21.07 Christine Murray 21.08 Nina McPherson 22.19 Michelle McPherson 22.25

3.5 Kilometres

Erin Drewsen 16.32 Tess Klower 16.56 Gary Ashton 17.03 Max Hadley 18.21 Andrew Greenway 18.29 Laura Lopresti 19.35 Sandra Lunn 20.42 Paul Searson 22.02 Robyn Kennedy 25.32 David McCann 28.16 Richard Fisher 29.55

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 20.19 Harrison Gilligan 21.21 Angus Murphy 22.05 Bridget Lunn 22.57 Adrian Connor 22.59 Dylan Van Der Meulen 22.59 David Connaughton 23.10 Vaughn Gilligan 23.58 Andrew McPherson 24.21 Jason Domeny 24.59 Stephanie Lunn 26.15 Deb Connaughton 27.11 Steve Phipps 27.35 Ross Hayward 29.49 Tessa Muskett 30.37 Anna Gooch 30.38 Julianne Domeny 31.56

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