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The Fiona Phillips Labor for Gilmore Campaign Office in Nowra officially open for business!

Chris Bowen, the Shadow Treasurer officially opened the Fiona Phillips' campaign office in Berry Street, Nowra on Friday to an audience of enthusiastic Labor volunteers and supporters before a scrum of local and national media

In opening the campaign office Mr Bowen said “Here in Gilmore we have a first-class candidate, the LNP doesn’t have one at the moment, so that’s a rather large advantage for us."

“Fiona has been well ahead of the game for some time. She has been campaigning for some time". He noted that Ms Phillips "hasn’t waited for a campaign office, she’s been door knocking, ringing, street-stalling, doing all the things a good candidate does to earn the votes and respect of the people whom she’s asking."

“We’re quietly confident and taking nothing for granted, and of course we’re backing our candidate Fiona Phillips, it’s important the people of Gilmore feel the ALP is taking them seriously, we led with a commitment on the bridge at Fiona’s urging.” While welcoming the opening of the office Ms Phillips told the Beagle that it will be the campaign headquarters while she will continue to do as she has always done and take the campaign to the streets with her local market attendances, street side kiosks and door knocks. Ms Phillips said of the newly opened campaign office “This is a space where people can come in off the street and volunteer and ask questions" "We are fighting so hard for people in Gilmore, I am fighting so hard for people in Gilmore, and we will continue to do so.”

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