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The Lone Drummer at Parliament House Canberra

Hi Beagle Editor,

The Lone Drummer has joined with the Forest Embassy and other forest groups performing at Parliament House Canberra to insist on and end to Native Forest Logging in Australia.

Above: Thelonedrummer is extremely angry that the government released news on the same day as the school strikes that they have locked Australia in to 20 years of harsh logging practices. Our forests can lo longer sustain this abuse.

The new Forest Agreements are in place and the Swift Parrot at Corunna will certainly become extinct under the new legislation.

Forest groups across the country are getting together and insisting on an end to Native Forest Logging and a shift to plantation timber. Even the forest industry - which employs 150 people in the southern region - is asking for this now. There is simply not enough native forest left to continue existing forest practices.

The rally also happened on the same day that David Attenborough was calling a meeting of world leaders at the UN to address climate change, and participants have created live broadcasts from the event. #TakeYourSeat

Native forest logging is a state funded enterprise which the people are increasingly unhappy about. There are more jobs and more revenue in carbon credits than selling timber.

Forestry Corp NSW have just released its annual report detailing the amount of wood chip sent to China from the southern region in the 2018 financial year.

The Lone Drummer has performed outside Andrew Constance's office in Bega and outside the Forestry Corp HQ in Batemans Bay. He then played on the beach at Mystery Bay last Friday to support the Kids Strike and climate change.

Since leaving Corunna Forestry Corp have moved to log a small pocked of rainforest surrounded by the historic Corn Trail - an ancient walk that leads from Braidwood to Batemans Bay. They are also logging at Nerrigundah out of the public's view.

A petition to end native forest logging in Australia, kicked off by south coast forest groups, received 100 votes on the day it was launched.

This comes at a time when pollsters began phoning homes in the Sydney region to enquire about the public's views on native forest logging in the southern region and protection of threatened species such as the koala - which could be revived to greater numbers on the coast if forests were managed suitably. Name and address supplied

Above: Thelonedrummer taking his message straight to the top -Photos ForestEmbassy

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