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THPA Secretary report for AGM Sept 3rd 2018

SECRETARYS ANNUAL REPORT – PERIOD 2017 & 2018 by John Tilbrook

All THPA Members

3rd September 2018

Since the last Annual General Meeting held on 7 September 2017, and in my capacity as your Honorary Secretary of the THPA, I have been proactively involved in the following in-exhaustive list of projects, which for ease of reference have been segregated into completed and ongoing tasks or completed projects. This Report is to be read in conjunction with the Annual THPA President’s Report prepared by Gary Cooper.

As the Secretary, on this occasion, I have not constructed a narrative overview, as I feel that the listed activities and intentions of our THPA requests to the Council as outlined in this Secretaries Report is enough to document my activities and achievements.

Yours Sincerely


Honorary THPA Secretary


THPA Submission on Council’s proposed Amendments to ELEP 2012.

The most important issue that has been dealt with by the THPA so far in 2018 was the Council’s amendments to the ELEP 2012 and the allied adoption of its revised Rural Lands Strategy (RLS).

The THPA hand delivered its written submission to the General Manager (Dr Catherine Dale) on 11 Jul 18 expressing the community’s concerns regarding the removal of the E3 Environmental Protection over the Kyla Park Heritage Grazing Lands (HGL) that Council has now re-zoned as RU1 Open Uses. This was followed up by a Petition comprising more than 500 signatures of Tuross residents strongly opposed to the perceived weakening of the current protections over the future use of the HGL which were gifted by the Camenae Corporation in a Deed of Agreement with Council in 1978.

The THPA had representative speakers who spoke strongly at both Council meetings held on 14 Aug 18 and 28 Aug 18 (Fitzroy & Mylene Boulting) but alas the RLS was passed by Council (5 votes for and 2 votes against – Clr Anthony Mayne & Clr Patrick McGinlay). For THPA record purposes the following proposition was put to Mayor Liz Innes ahead of the 28 Aug 18 meeting in a Secretary THPA email dated 20 Aug 18.

Mayor Liz Innes.

Greetings. The purpose of this email is to follow up as a matter of speed and promptitude the mooted meeting between the Council and the THPA (President Gary Cooper & Secretary THPA together with any other parties of Kyla Park stakeholders that may be invited at the behest of the Council) to negotiate in good faith and enter into a plain English, legally binding and enduring Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to document the present environmental and heritage protections under E3 zoning, which will continue to endure whenever the Heritage Grazing Lands are re-zoned as RU1 under the ESC’s Rural Land Strategy under the amended ELEP 2012.

The purpose of this proposed MoA is to allay the overt concerns of the Tuross Head community apropos the future end-use of these heritage listed lots, and to enshrine the true spirit of the Camenae Corporation’s Deed of Agreement, Para 3.1 (a), dated 22 November 1978 which states interalia..”The whole of the Grazing/Foreshore Reserve Lot should be maintained as an area of unique characteristics for the visual benefit of members of the general public”.

The MoA should include the caveat that any future changes to the heritage listing, environmental protection, or rezoning of changes in uses for these lands into the future will need to be agreed to by a majority vote, taken at a publicly announced community forum as may be orchestrated by Council, and presided over by an independent Chairperson.

It is respectfully requested that this proposed MoA should be negotiated between the present Council and the Tuross Head community (represented for the time being by the THPA) ahead of the formal adoption of the amended ELEP 2012 by the Council presently set down for 28 Aug 18, and that the signatories to this MoA should consist of the present Mayor, the General Manager and THPA representative/s.

At the time of writing this Annual Report the Secretary THPA is still awaiting advice from the Mayor to negotiate the MoA (voted by Council at its 28 Aug 18 meeting), but I will request that this document should instead be titled a Memorandum of Trust (MoT) between the Council & the Tuross community.


  1. Constitution.

The New THPA Constitution was adopted 6 Jul 17, however Secretary THPA has proposed an amendment to the titles of Officer Bearers to read President, Treasurer, Secretary, Minutes Secretary & Membership Officer.

Safety upgrade of Princes Highway T Intersection.

Succeeded in gaining $1.4m in funding from Federal Governments Regional Roads “Black Spot” Program through the member for Gilmore, Ann Sudmalis MP. RMS have completed the design work and will commence construction in October 2018 with the project being completed in time for Christmas 2018. The RMS plans for this road safety upgrade were circulated to the THPA membership in August 2018.

THPA funded LED Flood Light illumination at One Tree Point.

Council refused to replace the Flood Light they removed during the One Tree Viewing platform upgrade claiming passive illumination of the area will encourage vandalism and anti-social behaviour. For Public Safety reasons

the THPA funded the $2,827 cost of replacing the flood lamp from the Cycle/walk fund account.

Failed bid for extension of THPA privileged use of Kyla Hall.

Re Failed prolonged negotiations and THPA executive meetings with Council directors for THPA to have continued the privilege to continue using Kyla Hall for meetings without cost. The THPA now has to pay for the use of the Hall, and to defray this cost the Secretary THPA introduced a door prize raffle which netted at total of $373.80 in FY17/18. This avoids drawing down on the THPA General Working Account.

Attendance of Federal Member for Gilmore at THPA meeting.

The 7 Jun 18 heralded the attendance of our sitting Federal Member, Ann Sudmalis MP, who addressed the meeting with included an informative Q&A session which was well received. Secretary THPA took the opportunity of presenting Ann Sudmalis with a list of potential infrastructure projects for Tuross in a bid to gain Federal grants funding for delivery. The topics covered by Ann Sudmalis included but was not confined to:

T Intersection project funding - $1.4m secured for the safety upgrade.

Missing Link cycle/walk funding prospects.

NBN troubleshooting.

Government policy on proposed ADANI Coalmine in Queensland.

Refugee policy and regional deployment.

Affordable housing for the aged and socially disadvantages in Eurobodalla.

Commonwealth governance of Aged Care facilities.

High cost of fuel in regional areas.

Electricity and Gas prices.

Fix the Princes Highway.

Grants funding for Skate Facility in Tuross for children/youths.

RFS Information on Bush Fire Plans & Emergency Evacuations.

The Tuross RFS kindly organised for Mart Webster from the RFS FIRECOM HQ in Moruya to attend the 5 Jul 18 THPA meeting to give his presentation and information on what to do in the event of an emergency bushfire. Kits on how to draw up your own Bushfire Plan were handed out, and copies are still available at THPA meetings.

Danger to Pedestrians walking along roadside verge between 178 Hector McWilliam Drive adjacent to golf course to Allenby Road “T” intersection

At the 3 May 18 THPA meeting a pedestrian and public safety issue was raised by Dr Carlene Winch with the guest speaker (Warren Sharpe), in that there was a desire from some present to accelerate the provision of a 1.5-metre-wide footpath along Hector McWilliam Drive (sic on the northern side of Hector McWilliam Drive from Anderson Avenue, or abridged section from 178 Hector McWilliam Drive, to the Allenby Road intersection). This section of pathway is identified in the Council’s adopted Eurobodalla Pathways Strategy 2017 to be provided on a priority basis, but it has NOT been included in the draft 2018-19 Operational Plan.

Council’s response to Bushfire Threat concerns in Tuross.

20 May 18 – the Secretary THPA circulated the Council to THPA members (cc’d to Cathy Millikin & Danielle Brice). Against the background of the Council’s stance Danielle Brice was invited to deliver the RFS Tuross Head Brigade guidance on this vital topic to a community forum, possibly to coincide with the THPA meeting on 5 Jul 18. One issue is the aged demography where more than 55% of the population is aged 65 years or older, and the fact that most of the elderly are NOT always “connected” to Facebook accounts, their mobile telephones or smart devices to receive for example, SMS evacuation warnings et al. On 17 May 18 – Council (Matt Cormick – Engineering Admin Officer) copied to THPA their formal response to Cathy Millikin’s letter dated 1 May 18 to Council on the need for “Alternative access/egress and bushfire threat to residents of Tuross Head”. This followed the concerns raised by Cathy Millikin with Warren Sharpe at the 3 May 18 THPA meeting about the need to have a second road route, that is to connect the two Monash Avenues to create a second road link between the west and eastern sides of Tuross Head. In short, the Council’s emphasis is that there is no intention of replicating a further access/exit access roadway – reinforcing the position put to the last THPA meeting by Mr Warren Sharpe – Director of Infrastructure Services. The Council stance abrogates most of the responsibility for bushfire emergency preparedness back to the aging community of Tuross Head and especially the local RFS Brigade.

Introduction of Door Prize Raffle.

Secretary implemented the concept of a Door Prize Raffle to be conducted at every THPA meeting, with raffle proceeds passed to the Treasurer to offset the cost of Hall Hire fees paid to Council wef 1 Jul 17. These raffles are administered by Dee Meek (and in her absence Anne Parker). As a community minded gesture the Manager of the Tuross Head Country Club has instituted an arrangement whereby the THCC now provides the wine supply for the raffles which enables the entire proceeds of ticket sales to be credited to the Hall Hire fees fund managed by the Treasurer (Joan Buchan).

THPA Submission to Council on the Draft ROSS 2017.

The Secretary THPA submitted our Associations comments and suggestions which were adopted by Council and incorporated into the Council’s Recreational Open Spaces Strategy. The most significant infrastructure boost will be the upgrading of Evans Park to a District Facility, which includes new playground equipment, barbeques, covered picnic tables, car parking spaces, water bubbler and a possible skate facility.

Renewal of THPA Public Liability Insurance.

Insurance was renewed with AUSTcover Insurance for $5m public liability cover due on 1 Apr 18. Premium now $430 per annum. This is where the majority of all THPA membership fees are expended.

Replacement of ancient un-flued LPG Heaters at Kyla Hall.

31 May 18 the THPA made a submission the Council for the replacement oif these old heaters circa 1960. The THPA also sought grants funding from both the Federal and State Members to remove the LPG heaters and replace them with split inverter air-conditions, and the supply of a 6.6 kw solar array on the roof of Kyla Hall to nullify electricity usage costs.

Concept for a Heritage Park in Tuross Head.

(Where, What & Grants Funding). Gary Cooper made a submission for Council endorsement for a Heritage Park to be developed by stages on the Community Reserve (Lot 277) Tuross Boulevarde – but this was rejected, and the Council rezoned this reserve to operational and in early in 2018 the land was sold as a householder lot for $459k. Further options the location for a Heritage Park were lodged, with a preference for Evans Park, but as yet Council has not made a decision, instead are awaiting the formation of its newly created Heritage Committee. So 12 months later we are awaiting Council’s advice on the way ahead if not already nullified?

THPA Membership Drive 2017/18.

Successful membership drive was conducted by Secretary THPA, with a total of 191 members – up from 28 members at the time of the last AGM in 2016. The 191 figures comprise 141 financial members and 50 members with fees outstanding. It is planned to elect a Membership Officer at the 6 Sep 18 AGM who will chase up outstanding membership fees and promote a further Membership Drive.

Mayoral attendance at 1 Feb 18 THPA Meeting.

The first THPA meeting for 2018 included invited guest attendances by Mayor Liz Innes, the General Manager Dr Catherine Dale, Deputy Mayor Clr Anthony Mayne, Clr Pat McGinlay, Tony Swallow Divisional Manager – Works ad the ESC Heritage Officer Steve Halicki. The Mayor gave an address on the Council’s achievements in 2017, and what was planned for 2018.

Concept for Tuross Head to become RV Friendly Town.

THPA is pursuing initiatives with Council to install the sewer infrastructure and parking area at Kyla Park reserve to promote Tuross as a RV friendly stop-over, especially in the off season to boost tourism to benefit the local businesses and the THCC?

THPA community meeting with State Member for Bega.

On 30 Jul 18 the Secretary THPA hand delivered a list of potential infrastructure projects for Tuross Head to The Hon Andrew Constance MLA – Minister for Transport & Infrastructure when he visited Tuross. The aim is to garnet regional infrastructure grants funding from the NSW State Government. The THPA submission was viewed favourably by Minister Constance who pledged to support a number of the listed items, heating for Kyla Hall, solar power array for Kyla Hall, additional boat trailer parking at Nelson Parade boat ramp and the “missing link” section of the shared pathway skirting around the western perimeter of the Tuross Head Holiday Park.

Endorsement of Council’s draft Operational Plan and Budget for FY 2018/19.

Secretary THPA advised endorsement to the proposed budget on exhibition for public comment, and the inherent Urban Road Building Program to include the reconstruction of Tuna Street & section of Swordfish Street to commence in Oct 18.

Attendance of Mayor at first THPA monthly meeting for 2018.

The 1 Feb 18 meeting saw the attendance of the Council’s hierarchy. Mayor Liz Innes, the General Manager Dr Catherine Dale; Deputy Mayor Anthony Mayne, Clr Pat McGinlay, Tony Swallow Divisional Manager Works and Steve Halicki the ESC Heritage Officer. The Mayor addressed the meeting on the Council’s aspirations for better communication and community engagement framework during 2018.

Failed Fire-fighting Rainwater Tank Project.

The THPA worked hardworking in concert with the Tuross RFS requesting Council to either install a fire hydrant at Kyla Hall for fire protection, or alternatively, installation of a 22,500 litre rain water storage tank connected to the Kyla Hall roof for firefighting purposes. The THPA offered to pay for the water tank and plumbing. The debate lasted several months, with the Council turning down both requests based on their opinion there was no fire risk at Kyla Hall – a view not shared by the local RFS who have the task of protecting the hall in a fire emergency.

THPA suggestion for naming of Kyla Picnic Reserve as BRINJA YUIN Reserve.

A submission to this effect was made to Council and the matter was deliberated upon by the Council’s Aboriginal Advisory Committee led by Aborigine elder Trish Ellis. It is up to this Committee to arrive at a suitable name as there are four competing tribal groups claiming association with the Coila Lake foreshore (Brinja Yuin, Walbunja, Djrringani and the Aralyin peoples). This issue has been outstanding for more than 12 months. The THPA offered to fund the erection of a flagpole to enable the Aboriginal Flag to be flown above the Reserve on occasions such as Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC week.

Kyla Park Hall Maintenance working bees.

THPA members have been involved during the year on working bees to help maintain Kyla Hall, thus saving the cost imposed on the Hall’s Hall Hire Fees Account if the work such as repairing walls, appliances, painting, restraining the timber deck etc was carried out by Council work crews or contractors.

Preservation of self-sown Norfolk Pine Trees in Hector McWilliam Park.

The THPA has canvassed Council and the local community for the ongoing preservation of self-sown NI Pine seedlings that spring up within the ocean foreshore section of Hector McWilliam Park adjacent to Tuross Boulevarde (from the Stoney Beach carpark along the sea front to the Coila Beach stair. It is commonplace for these seedlings linked to the original NI Pines planted by Hector McWilliam as a windbreak are vandalised and cut down, especially by some vested interest landowners bent of maintaining their ocean view from their residences.

Replacement of Australian National Flag.

In December 2017 the local Federal Member, Ann Sudmalis MP provided the THPA with a new Australian Flag. The last Flag was gifted to the THPA by the then Federal member for Eden-Monaro, Mr Gary Nairn way back in 1966.

ANZAC Day wreaths & School Book Prize.

It was resolved that the THPA would continue to purchase a floral wreath ($40) for the ANZAC Day 11.30 am remembrance service at the THCC, and will also continue with gifting the annual $50 ANZAC Day Book Prize which is given in turn to competing local primary schools.

Review of Dog Off-leash Exercise Areas.

On 5 Apr 18 the THPA made a substantial submission to Council putting the views of Tuross residents concerning the review into the Review making the case to retain the current off-leash areas for dogs. A satisfactory result was realised for Tuross Head.

Upgrading of Fishing Facilities in Tuross Head.

THPA is working with Max Castle THFC & RFNSW to work with Council to deliver better fishing facilities in Tuross. This includes creation of more boat trailer & vehicle parking in Lavender Bay by using mined sand from dredging navigational channel at Nelson Parade boat ramp and spread the sand on the foreshore of Lavender Bay. A new covered fish cleaning table is also being pursued with Council despite resistance on their part because of future maintenance costs.

Expression of thanks to Roger Chapple for new THPA Signboard.

In addition to the thanks expressed to the President of the THCC for organising and erecting the new THPA Signboard out at the highway entrance, the HPA also wrote a letter of thanks to Roger Chapple, and this was accompanied by a gift of an original watercolour & ink drawing painting by the renowned Batemans Bay watercolour artist, Sheryl Miller, who permanently exhibits at ‘The Gallery in Mogo’. This reciprocal gift on behalf of the THPA was been personally funded by John Tilbrook and hopefully this fine artwork will be able to be enjoyed by both Roger & Joan Chapple.


Replacement of Playground Equipment.

CSRs submitted to Council for the urgent upgrade/replacement of the Children’s Playground Equipment in Evans Park and in the picnic reserve at Kyla Park which are both long overdue for replacement. Evans Park equipment was paid for entirely by the Tuross community in 1997 – more than 20 years ago.

Flood Lighting for Memorial Gardens.

Continued CSR lobbying for upgrade of the two floodlights in the Memorial Gardens for more efficient LED lighting?

Outdoor Exercise Equipment.

The THPA made submission to Council (Mark Upson) for the adopted ROSS 2017, passed by Council on 27 Feb 18, to be amended to include sets of Outdoor Exercise Equipment’s in Evans Parks or in the One Tree Picnic Reserve adjacent to the cycle/walk to promote health and fitness.

Staged construction of new boat ramp for Tuross Lake.

Despite best efforts of the THPA, and Max Castle THFC/RFNSW meetings with the Council (Mayor, General Manager & Warren Sharpe) the decision has been made NOT to pursue the construction of a sorely needed second Boat Ramp facility for Tuross Lake. Instead Council aims to maintain and

make several improvements to the Nelson Parade boat ramp. This includes an annual dredging program to clear navigational channels through the sandbanks, and to used mined sand to create addition al boat trailer and vehicle parking along the foreshore of Lavender Bay.

Design & Manufacture of new Tuross History Plaques.

Plans are still in train for the creation of three further Tuross history plaques to be manufactured and installed along the cycle/walk. These being

  1. Explorer George Bass landing at Tuross on 17 December 1797.

  2. Un-marked Grave Site in Bridges Reserve – 5 known graves (sea drownings in 1866 x 2, 1867 x 2 and 1891 x 1); and

  3. History & official opening of the shared cycle/walk and boardwalk.

“Missing Link” in Cycle/walk.

Despite the continuing best efforts on the part of the THPA the Council has no plans for the completion of the shared concrete pathway adjacent to the Coila Lake foreshore from the end of Anderson Ave eastwards to join up with the cycle/walk at “Buchan Bridge”. Council insists this route be raised to a higher plane above the flood zone, and fully paid for by the developer for the planned residential subdivision at the end of Anderson Ave.

Creation of a safe Ocean or Lake swimming pool for swimmers.

Bid for grants funding to construct a shark protected Ocean Pool or swimming hole in Tuross Lake east of the Nelson Parade boat ramp for local swimmers and tourist swimmers (suggestion from Mary Collings – THPA Member).


Road Safety signage.

Lake St Intersection with Hector McWilliam Drive.

Overtaking traffic slip lane for RH turn into Kyla Park. Failed CSR action by the Secretary THPA for the re-alignment of Hector McWilliam Drive to incorporate a right turn slip lane into Kyla Park Recreational Park for vehicles travelling westwards to enter Kyla Park more safely. Council has no plans for road realignment in any forward works programs.

Damaged road surface – Lake Street. Secretary THPA submitted CSR to Council on 29 Jan 17 for road surface repairs to the turn-around-circle. FAILED, the Council issued the CSR to investigate and repair to damaged surface on 3 Jan 17. This CSR was hastened by the THPA in Feb 18, and Tony Swallow the Divisional Manager Engineering Works Department advised that this broken surface does not pose a safety risk, albeit unsightly. This pothole has been placed on the “heavy patching” list and will be dealt with when roads funding is available. As at 12 Aug 18 no action had taken place albeit the CSR was submitted more than 18 months ago.

Coila Lake Boat launching pad.

Successful CSR which saw the upgrade and useability of the Coila Lake boat launching pad opposite Kyla Hall.

Directional signage – Tuross Head Shops & Medical Centre.

Successful lobbying with Council that led to installation of street post directional signage to assist visitors to Tuross find the shop and medical centre.

Stafford Dixon Rest Stop.

Successful CSR resulting in installation of concrete pad and Bend Seat named after Stafford Dixon to recognise his untiring efforts for disabled persons access to facilities around Tuross.

Grass cutting requests.

Success in frequent CSR action for grass cutting in front of Tuross Shopping Centre & playground area of Evans Park. This included grass cutting programs along the cycle/walk around Tuross ahead of the Christmas period.

Repairs to Amenities Block at Kyla Oval.

On 13 Feb 18 the THPA submitted CSR requesting replacement of rotted gable and roof rafter timbers that were not repaired during the upgrade project that extended the amenities block to include Ladies & Gents showers and a canteen facility for use by the local sporting groups using the oval. As at Sep 18 this work has not been carried out.

Speed Advisory Sign on Hector McWilliam Drive.

The THPA successfully lobbied Warren Sharpe for a 45 kph Advisory Sign for the sharp left-hand bend outside of 20 to 26 Hector McWilliam, as residents have difficulty in entering and exiting their driveways because of the excessive speed of many motorists driving into Tuross.

Poisoning of Norfolk Island Pine opposite 125 Tuross Boulevarde.

13 Feb 18 the THPA requested Council rangers investigate the cutting down of a mature Banksia tree and the flagrant poisoning of a healthy NI Pine opposite 125 Tuross Boulevarde which had clearly been drilled into to enable the application of poison (yet another victim of the dreaded “Canberra Drill Borer” to create a clear ocean view). No action resulted as there were no witness statements for Council to prosecute.

Repairs to washaway – Foam Street Boat Ramp.

25 Apr 18 THPA submitted CSR for urgent repairs to fill in the deep hole caused by wash away from water runoff from Foam Street. This was actioned by Council, noting that they do not wish to upgrade this facility as there is no room at that location for boat trailer parking.

Replacement of Street Directory Sign.

20 Apr 18 THPA submitted CSR for replacement of the Monash Ave/Kitchener Road street signs that had been broken off at ground level by vandals the previous Saturday night.

Broken pavement on Cycle/walk.

25 May 18 a CSR was submitted by THPA to Council to replace section of broken concrete in the pathway adjacent to the Whale Burial site on Tuross Boulevarde as it presents a public safety risk to pedestrians. The Council carried out repairs to replace the section and landscaped and seeded the adjacent edges to the pathway.

Replacement of Bus Shelter in Birdwood Circle.

17 May 18 the Council replaced the old treated pine log bus shelter with a modern style Bus Shelter, which included a new concrete slab and grassed landscaping.

Vandalised Electric High Voltage Power Box at Kyla Oval.

24 May 18 Secretary THPA reported dangerous situation on Kyla Oval where on the night 22/23 May 18 vandals in a vehicle deliberately drove over the top of a ground mounted power junction box located next to the sports oval and adjacent amenities block smashing it to pieces and exposing live wires. The Council reacted immediately, and Essential Energy attended the same day and replaced the Power Box which is now marked by guide posts for better visibility.

Vandalised Bench Seat in Memorial Gardens, Plantation Point

On 4 Sep 17 THPA reported vandalised Bench Seat, with top rail sawn in half with a handsaw? Council replaced this Bench seat as part of the replacement of picnic furniture in Memorial Gardens.

Vandalised Pine Log Barrier around Sewer Pump TU02.

5 Sep 17 the THPA reported public safety hazard, vandals had pulled out the pine log barrier from around the sewer pump and the deep stormwater culvert opposite Hallmark REAL Estate. Council crew completed repairs to the safety barriers on 11 Sep 18.

Rotten deck planks on pedestrian foot bridge near Main Beach car park

12 Nov 17 the THPA reported the dilapidated state of the timber decking on the foot bridge on the walkway from One Tree Point Reserve to the Main Beach carpark and public toilet block. This bridge is also used by Council vehicles. The CSR called for 20 of the timber slabs to be replaced as they posed a trip hazard, especially after dark. Council effected the repairs by 20 Nov 17.

Vandalised ladies Toilet at Coila Beach.

13 Nov 17 the THPA reported that vandals had caused considerable physical damage to the cubicles and doors in the ladies’ toilet at Coila Beach on Sat night 11/12 Nov. Torn down doors and punch holes through walls posing public safety risk. Next door vandals tore out the urinal water button as well as graffiti sprayed on walls in gent’s toilet. The graffiti tag included the Post Code 2557 which is Catherine Field (suburb adjacent to Minto/Ingleburn/Leppington). A Council work crew carried out the urgent plumbing and carpentry repairs to the ladies & gents toilet, and John Tilbrook took it upon himself to paint out the graffiti in the gents toilet. This incident coincided with a wedding party and guests visiting Tuross from Campbelltown for a wedding held on Sat 12 Nov.

Report of mature Norfolk Island Pine being removed on H.Mc.W. Drive

27 Nov 17 the THPA reported to Council activity in cutting down a healthy NI Pine outside of 168 Hector McWilliam Drive. This work was carried out by Essential Energy tree lopping crew with Council concurrence as power wires were being interfered with (the property at 168 had recently been occupied by new owners who requested the tree’s removal).

Repairs to damaged cycle/walk opposite Island View Road

15 Dec 17 in response to THPA request the Council work crews removed several sections of broken concrete adjacent to Island View Road on Tuross Boulevarde caused by Council work vehicles engaged in road reconstruction projects in that precinct, and new concrete pathway sections were re-laid.

Disabled access pathway to Stafford Dixon Bench Seat.

14/17 Dec 17 – Council work crews carried out earthworks, formwork, concreting and grassed landscaping to create disabled persons access to the Stafford Dixon Rest Bench on the cycle/walk opposite 77 Tuross Boulevarde. This pathway now enables ease of passage for wheel chairs, walkers and mobility scooter to use this rest bench. The THPA organised and funded the engraved dedication plaque for this Bench Seat.

Broken off Floodlamp at One Tree Point carpark.

2 Mar 18 the THPA reported to Council the public safety risk posed by a large 240volt floodlamp that had broken away from its bolts on lamppost No. 14/203 at the entrance to the One Tree carpark which was now dangling from its electrical wires and was in danger of crashing down onto the footpath. This task was referred to Essential Energy who attended the scene 2 weeks late, replacing the Floodlamp on Fr1 16 Mar 18. The new LED Floodlamp now provides much wider illumination of the One Tree Carpark, and the Picnic Reserve and BBQ Shelters after dark.

Report of restricted driver visibility exiting Lake Street.

18 Mar 18 the THPA made a further Report to Warren Sharpe concerning the RMS dictated speed limit of 60 kph along Hector McWilliam Drive between Lake Street and Allenby Road. Drivers exiting Lake Street obeying the GIVE WAY sign have difficulty in observing vehicles at speed driving into Tuross appearing out of the “dip” on this main thoroughfare between Mylott Close (Kyla Park entrance) and Lake Street. This is exacerbated by the fact that there is not a clear driver sight line due to thick vegetation growing on the Council nature strips outside of several residences. This results in the occasional collision (e.g. the T-bone accident at this intersection at 2.30 pm on 8 Mar). Council to investigate the removal of unauthorised vegetation. An increase in the level of policing of speed limits on Hector McWilliam Drive may improve driver behaviour?



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