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Once upon a time..

The Beagle Editor, Once upon a time..

When we could expect some honour and honesty from politicians at all levels (“which fairy tale was that”, you might ask!), we would see fewer alternate facts, fake news and importantly in the old Westminster tradition, many more offers of resignation, or at least apologies, for their either not doing the right thing themselves, for covering up wrong-doings by themselves, by their staffers/other underwings or for not knowing about wrong-doings happening right under their noses.

Take for example how rightly our PM urged for the dismissal of church officials who had covered up or ignored criminal activities yet there has been no hint of an admission of his getting it wrong when arguably the same situation occurred leading up to the Banking Royal Commission. The integrity (!?!) of the banking industry was so vehemently protected by the same PM, his Treasurer and others by denying a need for the Royal Commission; these politicians and officials should have known better or should have responded more appropriately to the evidence being put forward for such and enquiry.

If anyone aspires to belong to the “political class”, they should keep in mind that they are ultimately responsible and should act accordingly, eh? Jeff de Jager Coila