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A few important facts for Council to chew over - will the White Elephant qualify?

The Beagle Editor, For those interested in the Mackay Park Precinct redevelopment matter and those councillors who might want to be better informed:

From the Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund website - (And as you read on and wonder - Does a 25m pool heated pool for therapy, splash park and kiddies learn to swim area really qualify as SPORT when it comes to handing out SPORTS grants?)

The Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund will foster the benefits of SPORT in communities. This fund will invest in new and existing venues to improve the participation and performance in SPORTS at all levels.

The NSW Government is determined to ensure regions remain vibrant communities. The Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund will ensure that NSW has a network of spaces and places that enable quality SPORT and active recreation participation and PERFORMANCE AT ALL LEVELS.

The fund objectives are to:

increase the number and type of REGIONAL SPORTING facilities

improve the standard of existing REGIONAL SPORTING facilities

increase participation opportunities in SPORT

provide infrastructure that enables economic growth and boost productivity.

Purpose of funds

Priority for funding will be given to proposals which:

provide an economic benefit such as increased tourism or the creation of jobs

meet a demonstrable need in the community

establish regional SPORTS hubs

enhance regionally significant SPORTING facilities

can be used by more than one SPORTING code

are ALIGNED WITH the facility plans of state sporting organisations, regional sporting associations and LOCAL SPORTING CLUBS (Definitely not with the BB Swimming Club)

are identified in the Office of Sport’s regional sport and active recreation plan

are financially sustainable


increase PARTICIPATION opportunities IN SPORT

provide infrastructure that enables economic growth and boosts productivity.


This fund targets investments over $1 million.

Applicants are encouraged to make a SIGNIFICANT FINANCIAL OR IN KIND CONTRIBUTION towards the cost of the project.

Proposed projects will only receive funding if they can demonstrate an overall economic benefit.


It is interesting to note that the grant applications were accompanied by letters of support from the ‘community’. It is more interesting to note that these support letters have since been withdrawn and are no longer valid.

The second ‘stage’ of the Regional Cultural Fund requires a ‘business case’. Why then has council already organised ‘detailed drawings’ when this is not a requirement?

Council has gone about this whole development deceptively without valid evidential community support or consultation. The facts speak for themselves.

Has council set up Batemans Bay to fail by stuffing up the entire grant application process? It will be most disappointing for other communities who are also seeking funds and do have genuine SPORTING grant applications to learn that the proposed Batemans Bay White Elephant, of which the community remain clearly divided, gets a leg up due to any State "assistance".

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