Broulee Runners Dec 27th, 2017

The warm summer weather attracted lots of visitors to this evening’s run. Some make it a yearly event to participate. 77 starters completed the 3 distances. In the 2 kilometres Louis and Olivia Hayward together with Niamh Scahill recorded personal best times. In the 3.5 kilometres, it was a family affair with Gabriel and Mark Kennedy improving with Justine Beaumont completing the family trifecta of PBs. Rob Ryan once again improved in the 5 kilometres. Heath McLachlan, a visitor from Geelong, was also impressive in improving his time over this distance.

It was a big occasion for a number of Broulee runners this evening for the last event of 2017. 30-run shirt was awarded to Ruby Connor. Makayla Wade and Daniel Beby recorded their 100th run. Makayla, whose first run was on 4 November 2015, joins her brother Patrick on this mark. It is a special attraction of the event that the very young like Makayla can enjoy the event and achieve. Also, elite athletes like Daniel can enjoy the event with his wife and three children. Daniel, who joined the group on 17 June 2015, is the local record holder in the 5-kilometres with a time of 16.47. The only athlete in front of him is Matt Johnsen, who has represented Australia in an International Cross event in America.

The achievers for the year 2017 are Greg Flood with the most number of runs, the most improved female athlete is Julianne Domeny and the most improved male is Morgan Pettit.

Above: (L to R) of Ruby Connor (30-run shirt), Daniel Beby and Makayla Wade both 100 runs.

BROULEE RUNNERS RESULTS WEDNESDAY 27 DECEMBER 2017 2 Kilometres Riley Beby 7.42 Alex Rogan 7.53 Ruby Connor 8.30 Louis Hayward 9.51 Amber Domeny 10.10 Olivia Hayward 10.27 Bradley Lunn 10.52 Erin Domeny 10.57 Niamh Scahill 11.24 Stella Lloyd-Jones 12.00 Damia O’Loughlin 12.02 Aislinn Scahill 12.19 Joanne Scahill 12.31 Chris Wade 13.18 Marg Dickinson 13.23 Patrick Wade 13.41 Bruce Dickinson 14.53 Makayla Wade 16.57 Rachael Wade 18.41 Finn Madden 19.04 Xavier Madden 19.10 Jude Madden 19.14 Jill Brown 19.15 Michelle Connor 20.18 Rhonda Robinson 20.19 Keith Robinson 20.19 Milly Shanahan 21.46 Jillian Edwards 21.47 Ashlee Beby 25.06 Michelle Beby 25.10 3.5 Kilometres Gabriel Kennedy 15.48 Mark Kennedy 17.09 Bridget Lunn 17.33 Julianne Domeny 20.15 Nina McLachlan 20.32 Sandra Lunn 20.52 Justine Beaumont 21.34 Michael Kennedy 21.46 Angie Gannon 23.49 Lisa Robbins 24.00 Kai Gannon 26.51 Pamela Gannor 26.53 Robyn Kennedy 27.27 Kathryn Jeffery 28.00 Susan Pettit 34.26 5 Kilometres Daniel Beby 17.27 Dan Lloyd-Jones 18.16 Ben Aungles 19.21 Heath McLachlan 20.04 Geoff Hawke 22.03 Lauren Evans 22.23 Cameron McKenzie 22.39 Andrew McPherson 22.46 Tess Aungles 24.01 Jane Aungles 24.08 Ellen Hosking 24.48 Dave Hosking 24.49 Anthony Miles 24.53 Adrian Connor 25.06 Morgan Pettit 25.07 Louise Cox 25.16 Greg Flood 25.44 Aaron Flood 26.09 Luke Robbins 26.20 Dave Connaughton 26.35 Nev Madden 26.45 Paige Connaughton 26.53 Tom Cox 27.33 Deb Connaughton 28.23 Stephanie Lunn 28.44 Kim Pidcock 29.50 Phil Aungles 29.57 Emma Robbins 30.37 Rob Ryan 32.17 Samantha Selinger-Morris 32.43 Ciara Scahill 35.12 John Scahill 35.13 77 Starters