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Broulee Runners 15th Nov

Once again, the strong winds greeted the 59 starters in Wednesday evening Broulee run/walk. It was useful on the outward journey and was a brick wall on the return.

We welcomed Jessica Weber, Jason Stegbauer and Kate Blewitt to their first run with the group.

Personal best time in the 2 kilometres were recorded by Makayla Wade, Sean Costin and Trish Eccles. Audrey and Anthony Knobel managed to equal their best time. Steve Phipps and Richard Fisher did best times in the 5 kilometres.

It was great to see the Carver family consisting of Sophia, Alexis, Emerson and dad Scott back with us after a long absence.

Amber Domeny (pictured above with mum Julianne) was awarded her 30-run shirt this evening. Her mother Julianne received her shirt last week and her other daughter Erin will wear her's in three weeks’ time.

2 Kilometres

Makayla Wade 9.53 Amber Domeny 10.05 Sophia Carver 10.11 Tayah Boyd 11.13 Erin Domeny 11.15 Patrick Wade 11.27 Poppy Mitchell 12.00 Audrey Knobel 12.01 Anthony Knobel 12.02 Milly Shanahan 13.45 Sean Costin 14.03 Jillian Edwards 14.10 Nathan Costin 15.46 Nancy Costin 15.47 Jessica Weber 17.27 Hannah Wood 17.29 Alexis Carver 17.54 Emerson Carver 18.55 Scott Carver 18.56 Roz Hayward 19.24 Victoria Fleming 19.25 Charley Proksch 20.01 Liz Pirro 20.24 Jo Pirro 20.25 Barb Evans 20.27 Trish Eccles 20.29 Regina Knobel 20.42 Aiden Johnston 21.44 Kat Johnston 21.44 Leo Proksch 26.44 Jenny Pollock 26.47 Jo Pollock 26.48 Michelle Mitchell 28.15 Hugo Mitchell 28.16

3.5 Kilometres

Ross Hayward 20.32 Kim Young 23.46 Susan Pettit 36.47

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.10 Dan Lloyd-Jones 19.37 Jason Stegbauer 21.48 Harrison Gilligan 22.31 Anthony Miles 22.37 Adrian Connor 23.42 Dylan Van Der Meulen 23.42 Morgan Pettit 24.02 Gary Ashton 24.20 Greg Flood 24.42 Gary Matthews 25.06 Dave Connaughton 25.55 Steve Phipps 26.30 Nev Madden 27.07 Shevaun Ey 30.17 Tracey Denning 30.24 Julianne Domeny 30.45 Selby Johnston 35.10 Mike Kennedy 35.55 Lisa Robbins 42.16 Richard Fisher 43.17 Kate Blewitt 53.46

59 starters

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