Moruya's Jessie Pollock celebrates 100

Moruya's Jessie Pollock will celebrate her 100th birthday on Tuesday November 7th. Jessie has received congratulatory letters from the Queen & Governor General.

But I just wonder if she has been accorded enough recognition in the 'local environment' given the 'attitude' to our "entourage of Council experts" entrusted with such - i.e., - a plaque stuck on the side of a shop doorway depicting the history of how Moruya's main street was named

Jessie Pollock is the very last real pioneering connection with our local era in gold mining and the events of history associated with it. Here 40 years or so work with Moruya Hospital Auxiliary is legendary! Editors Note - you can read the wonderful history of Jessie written by Norm Moore here: Our Jessie” Will Be A Century Old This Year (2017) Part 1. “Our Jessie” Will Be A Century Old This Year (2017) Part 2.

However, did you know Jessie's daughter Alma went to school at St. Mary's, Moruya, with two boys considered in many areas as to be 'world famous'. Their invention of the unique Bi Lock, provides absolute security to a huge number of the world's most prestigious establishments, buildings, and their irreplaceable contents. Sydney's famous Opera House, the Bank of America and ANESCO (Lucas Heights) are among these! (see list below)

John and Brian Preddey, with their brother Peter, formed a company now known as the Australian Lock Company PTY LTD, that manufactures the device and now employs more than 86 workers in their factory at Wollongong, NSW, The company has agencies virtually in every country around the world.

Above: the now named "Silly Willys" store in Moruya - 1925

The expertise associated with this, 'sprang' from the garage of Arthur Halley Preddey, whose Amuzu Theatre (and later Dance Hall) in Vulcan Street, Moruya - was the 'centre' of social life in the town, and just one of the "domains' of Preddey- regarded by many "as the man before his time". Jessie, and husband Bill, won many a dancing competition in the hall.

For those of us who have had opportunity to enjoy just a little of the 'Jessie Pollock era' of our history - It should be cause enough to give thanks and the enactment of a little celebration.

Norm Moore .

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