Hoodwinked by flim flam

The Editor

Just over a year ago several of the shires residents nominated for election at the Council election in September 2016. . They made a range of promises about what they would do if they were fortunate enough to be elected. Nine were elected They said a lot of things about what they would do. They spruiked and all their supporters spruiked. "Vote for Me". "I promise stuff, lots of stuff, lots of promises". - and their supporters spruiked as well "Vote for the [insert party]". "They will represent you". "Open" "Transparent", "We'll demand and audit", "Heads will roll". A year later and we now know it was all bullshit. The whole lot, from slogans , spruiking, banners, leaflets and placards. All bullshit and the supporters were all conned. Where is the openness, respect, empathy, transparency, listening, representing, challenging, audit or rolling head. All we see is councilors dressed up in suits looking just like the bureaucrats they work for. They learnt the buzzwords. They have been spoonfed the rules of engagement and told to keep their tongues, say nothing and rubber stamp whatevers put in front of them and not ask questions. What have they done as individuals or even collectively that has provided or will provide any real community benefit since being elected? Ban balloons on Council premises. Whoopty Doo. This new mob of councilors aren't communicating with the shires residents and ratepayers who elected them? Matter of fact they have gone to ground except the Green Man. They can't use their phones, don't answer emails and seem to only be capable of texting each other during Council meetings. What they are actually doing is causing all sorts of divisions in the community, simply because they won’t communicate, preferring “Gags”.

They are dysfunctional as far as the being community representatives. They are a joke and represent no-one but themselves. Pathetic.

Fed up with their nonsense now. One year in the chair and three to go and not one of them (except the Green Man) has any shame in the flim flam shazbut that got them elected. Name and address supplied