“Unreasonable Customer Conduct” indeed!

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

“Unreasonable Customer Conduct” indeed!

Reading council’s new 20 page procedure entitled “Unreasonable Customer Conduct”, I recalled reading in a history book about the ascendency of the Third Reich and wondered when I would reach the chapter in this document advising when the library books would be ceremoniously burned. It certainly isn’t the sort of policy/code/procedure that you would expect from a well-managed organisation with confident, capable and competent senior management – it smacks of insecurity, impotence and incompetence!

Taking the history analogy one step further, I wondered how many little old ladies might be candidates for the firing squad or will it be a gas chamber?

You would think there would have to be more than a couple to justify all that cr*p, sorry clap.

Then, if there are so few, then why, if there was any intestinal fortitude, couldn’t the GM simply call them in one by one and say, politely of course, to p*** off?

If there are more than just a few though, then maybe the reasons why there are so many need to be investigated properly.

Do we have any overly sensitive councillors who would not want to answer questions about their decisions or conduct? Not that they will get much protection from this procedure which seems to be clearly aimed at protecting staff from whatever number of uncontrollable ogres or ogresses, thus leaving councillors rightly in the firing line as first contact to answer ratepayers concerns. Let’s hope some of you can turn over a new leaf and do so with credible responses!.......or at least, if that’s not being “unreasonable” acknowledge receipt of emails!

The burning question remains - How many candidates (Probably joining me after this letter!) are there for having special dossiers opened for objecting to having such draconian procedures applied and for daring to CC other stakeholders? You might note that CC’s haven’t been addressed to staff because you, Councillors, are responsible.

Jeff de Jager


PS I would really like to know how many miscreants have caused this kerfuffle and would appreciate your advice.


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