know them by what they do

Dear Beagle Editor, There are many in the north of our Bega Shire reading the Beagle. Those residents and others interested in our ongoing issues surrounding the proposed introduction of fluoride into our Shire's drinking water might be interested in our latest media release: know them by what they do …

The Bega Valley Shire Residents & Ratepayers Association (BVSRRA) has made it clear that it has not taken a position in respect of the NSW Health proposal to fluoridate the balance of the shire’s drinking water supplies, but rather believes that the issue should be determined by the community.

Having said that, the association has commented throughout the public debate on the processes pursued by the proponent, as well as Bega Valley Shire Council (BVSC), in particular as they allegedly addressed engagement & consultation with the community.

While the BVSRRA has refrained from expressing a view on the various claims made by both sides of the issue, it noted the reference made by Mr Rob Slazenger during his address to BVSC on the issue at its ordinary meeting on September 20th, that his anti-fluoridation group would complete their final report this week on the shire’s past performance in managing its responsibilities for fluoridation.

That report is now available & the BVSRRA believes that it is important that the community is made aware of the shire’s historic failure to manage its responsibilities in fluoridating drinking water in the shire, in particular as there is no evidence available that would suggest that those failings have been effectively addressed.

The BVSRRA believes council cannot in good conscience support the fluoridation of the shire’s remaining drinking water supplies unless it is able to publicly reassure the community that it has effectively addressed those management failings.

The report highlights the fact that:

(a) BVSC has failed in its duty of care in providing mandatory daily water fluoridation readings, reports & data; &

(b) BVSC has failed in its duty of care by allowing significant fluoride overdosing to occur over extended periods.

It appears that BVSC has further failed in its duty of care by not providing timely health warnings to all municipal water consumers, particularly those with medical conditions most at risk, & local food & beverage producers, during fluoridation overdosing events.

It remains unclear to this day whether BVSC has any fluoride overdose warning procedures in place.

This is a serious public health matter. Further official investigation is warranted.

The BVSRRA recommends that all members of the community read the Slazenger report, a copy of which can be found here Municipal Water Fluoridation - A Case Study - Fluoride Overdosing & Code of Practice Management – Bega Valley Shire - Rob Slazenger – September, 2017.

John Richardson


Bega Valley Shire Residents & Ratepayers Association


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