Some questions about the BBay Aquatic Centre

Dear Beagle Editor, Your readers might be interested in the letter containing a swag of questions that I have sent to Eurobodalla Shire Council General Manager, Catherine Dale, in regards to the Mackay Park Complex. Dear Dr Dale, some questions : 1. Is Council planning to demolish the existing outdoor 50 metre pool at Bateman's Bay ? 2. Or leave it to be operated as is 3. Or enclose it and add solar heating system so it can be used all year round 4. Does Council have results of any surveys of the community/ groups schools etc. re. preference for a 50 metre pool or a 25 m pool to be included in the proposed Aquatic Centre: if so could you please provide me with copies of results ? 5. Are you aware of what the community preference is 50 metre or 25 metre pool? 6. What is the plan for Narooma' s 50 metre pool medium to long term : will it be replaced by an outdoor 25 metre pool or retained & upgraded ? 7. Why was Council not given a 50 metre pool option to consider prior to & on 29th August Extraordinary Meeting? 8. Who is paying for the proposed Aquatic Arts Complex at Mackay Park? 9. Is it true that a sum of approximately $40 million will be available in the budget to build the new complex: any details welcome ? 10. What did Council pay Otium for preparing The Concept Plan presented to Council on 29th August 2017? 11. How was that payment arrived at & how was it authorised ? 12. How was the $6.5million cost to extend a 25 metre enclosed pool to a 50 metre enclosed pool arrived at? 13. Were similar existing Aquatic centres visited by council officers and Councillors before the brief was written for the Otium consultants eg . Gungahlin ACT? 14. Could you provide me with a copy of the brief that was given to the Otium consultants? 15. What other Independent consultants were asked to quote on a) providing the service for Concept Plans b) the cost of the complex including a 50 metre pool option 16. Do you intend to get at least 3 more quotes for the concept plans and include a 50 metre pool option ? 17. What is the background to the rush to submit a proposal to Grant Funding committees? Aren't grant funds available over a four year period ? 18. It appears that there will be changes to the Concept Plans : will the community be involved if so how and will a 50 metre pool option be made available at the next stage before working plans are drawn up? 19. What is the status of the Bowling Club building and the site : does Council intend to demolish the Bowling Club and sell the land to developers ? 20. Did the $2.7 million paid for purchase of Bowling Club etc. deposit/insurance: purchase price show in council Budget/financial documents 2015 /16 or will that be seen in 17/18 financial docs? 21. What was the brief / rationale provided to build the case for the purchase of the Bowling Club etc. Could this be made available to me ? 22. What income has been achieved for the Eurobodalla Shire Budget from the purchase of the Bowling Club ie. since Council has made this $2.7 million investment on behalf of its rate payers? I would appreciate your reply as soon as possible as processes & actions are starting to move on . Transparency in public affairs should be of paramount importance . Thank You Peter Coggan Malua Bay