Uncontrolled spending of OUR money

Dear Beagle Editor, As there will be many in the community going to Hanging Rock this afternoon to hear the Council explain how they can justify committing the community to a $46 million complex they might like to have a quick look at an example of how Council manages OUR money Take a look at the pile of prefabricated culverts stockpiled next to the library at Hanging Rock It is with disdain that we see yet another example of what I believe is the waste that happens as a result of council executing infrastructure works in house instead of putting it out to public tender. .

These prefabricated culverts stockpiled at Hanging Rock come in two sections. The top section is U shaped and needs to be purchased from a supplier. However the bottom section is simply a prefabricated concrete slab which could simply have been a poured in situ slab with considerable savings. Experienced contractors are aware of this.

If this is an example of the obvious council waste that is occurring then perhaps an audit of council infrastructure policies needs to happen.

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