Summary Of Activities Carried Out In Tuross Reserves


ENTRANCE TO MEMORIAL GARDENS, MCWILLIAM PARK Weeds cleared and kikiyu grass whipper- snipped. Rubbish cleared and removed from around and under vegetation SHARED PATHWAY, THE BOULEVARDE Rusty Fig trimmed back around seat, interpretative board and low hanging branches over path MCWILLIAM PARK, ONE TREE POINT AND BBQ AREA Early bird team (7am – 9.30am over 22days) removed Turkey rhubarb seed heads from whole area - total 28 bags filled Rubbish collected - 5 bags filled CARAVAN PARK AND PUBLIC TOILET AREA Removed mass regeneration of African Daisy seedlings, Asparagus Fern, Turkey Rhubarb, blackberry seedlings. Rubbish collected – 3 bags (Recorded for entry on to National Marine Debris Database via Tangaroa Blue) MCWILLIAM PARK, STONEY BEACH AREA Removed kikuyu grass that had overgrown native shrubs and grasses. Volunteer s - 2 hours/day over 20days with Green Army team assistance for one day which was a great help and much appreciated Bitou bushes removed from foreshore area WATER TOWER HILL RESERVE Pruned overgrown shrubs, removed unwanted seedling and regrowth. Pruned dead wood from trees and shrubs. Weeded out Turkey Rhubarb, Bridal Creeper and Asparagus Fern. Planted Kangaroo Apple (Solanum aviculare) and Lomandra SATURDAY 17TH JUNE Catered for Landcare Farewell for Maureen and Jim Baker’s at Presbyterian Hall, Tuross MCWILLIAM PARK, ONE TREE POINT Cleared a lot of overgrowth of Cape Ivy from native vegetation MCWILLIAM PARK, STONEY BEACH AREA Whipper-snipped kikuyu grass around established native vegetation CORAL CRESCENT RESERVE Removed mass germination of Podocarpus seedlings, Cocos Island Palm seedlings and Asparagus Ferns. Cleared weeds threatening native tree planted last year Planted assorted rainforest tube stock MCWILLIAM PARK, NORTH BEACH SIGN AREA Removed Polygala myrtifolia seedlings germinated since the removal of parent shrubs last year, as well as a number of Asparagus Ferns. Cleared kikuyu from several established Lomandra plants Collected 2 bags of glass bottles, cans and plastic rubbish plus assorted hard rubbish that had been dumped in surrounding bush. Details recorded for entry on to National Marine Debris Database via Tangaroa Blue Working bees are held on the first Sunday each month, March – October/November, 9 am – midday, followed by a cuppa and chat. Venues are posted on the Tuross Coastal Landcare notice board on the Sails side of the Post Boxes Walkway. Interim working bees are arranged as required Next Working Bee At Chatham Park on Sunday, 20th August, 9am-midday. Meet at main entrance in Trafalgar Road. Volunteers most welcome. Wear long sleeves, long trousers, sturdy footwear, hat, eye protection. Tools provided. BYO for cuppa and chat afterwards. Enquiries: Janet 0418 585 200