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At the Eurobodalla Senior Computer Users Group's (EuroSCUG) last meeting, Matt Smith and Nat Hunter, from Telstra Batemans Bay, brought the Seniors Computer Group members up to date with progress on the NBN. Matt explained the different modes of access, with some premises getting optical fibre to the curb, and others fibre to a node, then using the old copper wiring to the premises. Different access modes will have different internet speeds, as speed diminishes over the length of the copper wiring.

Matt listed proposed dates for the NBN installation for the different south coast towns, and said that he and Nat would be happy to look up approximate dates for members providing their addresses.

Users will require a new modem, provided by their service provider, whom they should contact to enable a smooth changeover. If fibre to curb is available to the premises, customers will have to connect to NBN within 18 months, after which the old internet service will no longer be available.

Matt competently answered several good questions from the audience and suggested that anyone with further questions or concerns would be welcome to call in at Telstra Batemans Bay for advice.

At the next EuroSCUG meeting, at Moruya Golf Club at 10am on Wednesday 2nd August, member John Allen will give a potted history of his life with computers, followed by information about Windows 10 security, explaining why it differs from earlier systems. He will discuss desktop vs store apps, common insecure apps, 3rd party security apps, 3rd party browsers, registry cleaners & driver update apps.

After morning tea, John will follow up his presentation with a small group where volunteers can clean up a Windows 10 PC. Other small groups will cover such topics as “Cleaning up a Windows 10 PC”, “Photos” with Mike, and “Replacing someone in a photo using Photofiltre” with Leslie. There will also be a beginners group and a Help Desk.

Above:Nat Hunter, Diane Hay and Matt Smith

Above: Matt Smith,NBN speaker

Above: David Num and Judy Harry

EuroSCUG meets at 10am on the first Wednesday of the month at Moruya Golf Club, and local area groups meet regularly in Batemans Bay, Moruya, Tuross Head and Narooma. Monthly tablet groups (iPad and Android) are also held.

For more information visit our website at, or phone 0431 809 073.

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