The Whales put on a great show over the weekend

There was a constant splash of whales breaching off the South Coast on Sunday. Maree Jackson of Oceanview Photography set herself up at Bingie Point between Congo and Tuross Head to watch the procession go by. "Amazing numbers coming through this season. The most I have seen heading north in all the 29 years of whale watching from Tuross Head NSW" "It was a great day & counted 50+ whales from 7:30am until 1:30pm. We went for a walk at about 3pm & saw another 3 pods going through." Next Sunday is the Whale Watch day and Maree will be at One Tree Point, Tuross head, from dawn til dusk with her camera and binoculars participating in the whale count. If you are aout and about call by and say hello. "Fresh warm coffee is always appreciated" she advises. Enjoy some of the stunning photos Maree captured yesterday and keep an eye out.

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