A letter of thanks to the Animal Welfare League AWL

Trixie I noticed in our local print media an article about a female kelpie looking for a home. TRIXIE Trixie is about 16 months old and a black and tan, female Kelpie. She has been described as a “sweet and loving girl, who will make a wonderful pet for someone lucky enough to adopt her”. Trixie has certainly had an interesting start to her young life, but is now responding well to training and is eager to please.

If anyone is considering fostering for the Animal Welfare League, please let us know. We would love to have some more carers for dogs of all sizes, cats and kittens. The Animal Welfare League promotes responsible pet ownership and all our animals available for adoption have been vet checked, de-sexed, vaccinated, wormed and micro-chipped. Our little household, about 4 months ago responded to a similar request to invite a young female kelpie into our lives. What a great decision that was...again via the Animal Welfare League (AWL.) It means earlier mornings, more exercise for me on the leash-free beach or surrounding bush land and simple quiet (mostly) joy at her presence around the home. You do a great thing good AWL (and RSPCA) people. I simply encourage readers to look at the beautiful animals needing homes rather than going out and buying pups/kittens etc. Cheers, Pat McGinlay

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