Tomakin Mens bowls results

Mon 15/5/2017

Pairs on Margins


D. McGraw and J. Cormie with +22

Runners up

J. Desmay and C. Obrien with +16

Thur 18/5/2017

Two Bowl Triples


R. Murray Lead, P. Verstig Second. S. Gigg Skip with +17

Runners up

R. Richerson Lead, F. Burgraaf Second, B. Starofski Skip with+16

The Tomakin Mens singles final was played in a very high standard game with B. Brown victorious over K. Franklin by one shot.

The Zone Finals for Tomakin in Sec 7 is Narooma, Sec 6 is Bega, and Sec 4 is at Truoss all the best for those teams

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