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Broulee Runners April 19th

There were a record number of starters in this evenings run with 88 people in the event with perfect Autumn conditions.

Personal best times were recorded by: James Dickinson, Riley Beby, Jundamurra and Nakiah Smith, Rafael and Megan Dyason, Sarah Leach, Simone Elliott, Erin and Julianne Domeny, Milla Henry, Trisha Burse, Bridget and Stephanie Lunn, Keiran Louttit, Jane Aungles, Duncan Ledger, Morgan Pettit and Tracey Denning.

We welcomed Casey Cook, Amy Whyte, Hamish Henry and Georgie Davies to their first run with the group.

Scott Elliot achieved the mile stone of 30 runs this evening and was awarded his shirt.

Above: Scott Elliott who was awarded his 30 run shirt this evening.

Daniel Beby, Adrian Connor , Gary Ashton and Stephanie Lunn are participating in the Bay Triathlon and we wish them the best of luck in this challenging event. BROULEE RUNNERS RESULTS WEDNESDAY 19 APRIL 2017 2 Kilometres James Dickinson 7.22 Riley Beby 7.35 Oliver Dyason 8.15 Cameron Lunn 8.22 Jundamurra Smith 8.48 Rafael Dyason 9.04 Elijah Turner-Collins 9.10 Bradley Lunn 9.13 Jaleesa Smith 9.26 Megan Dyason 9.45 Sandra Lunn 10.03 Nakiah Smith 10.06 Ray Smith 10.08 Jessica Flood 10.15 Casey Cook 10.23 Sarah Leach 10.28 KA Whyte 10.36 Simone Elliott 10.40 Katrina Leach 10.46 Amber Domeny 11.02 Erin Domeny 11.02 Mitchell Beby 11.18 Bruce Dickinson 11.22 Amy Whyte 11.41 Lara Elliott 11.42 Ben Turner-Collins 12.43 Milla Henry 12.52 Hamish Henry 12.53 Emily Dickinson 13.55 Margaret Dickinson 14.02 Carissa Morgan 14.12 Janelle Morgan 14.13 Richard Fisher 14.18 Trisha Burse 15.10 David McCann 15.30 Tarren Elliott 16.23 Patrick Wade 16.34 Ziggy Henry 16.41 Caroline Ramsay 16.41 Victoria Fleming 17.02 Roz Hayward 20.37 Olivia Hayward 20.38 James Hayward 20.38 Georgie Davies 21.07 Charley Proksch 24.54 Jo Pollard 24.59 Makayla Wade 25.07 Rachael Wade 25.07 Leo Proksch 25.40 Jenny Pollard 25.42 Annie Johnson 27.16 Nellie Johnson 27.17 Sue Lindsay 27.17 Mollie Johnson 27.38 Anna Hosking 27.39 Richard Johnson 27.42 Audrey Knobel 30.11 Regina Knobel 30.11 Julien Dunne 30.19 Sabrina Mallard 30.20 3.5 Kilometres Bridget Lunn 15.39 Gary Ashton 15.44 Shayne Hargraves 16.50 Callum Elliott 17.04 Scott Elliott 19.27 Hayden Louttit 21.50 Julianne Domeny 21.58 Keiran Louttit 23.23 Michael Kennedy 23.54 Cathryn Jeffery 28.31 Susan Pettit 34.46 5 Kilometres Daniel Beby 18.53 Adrian Connor 23.06 Nev Madden 23.07 Aaron Flood 23.25 Jane Aungles 23.50 Dave Connaughton 24.10 Janine Bothe 24.22 Ellen Hosking 24.58 Duncan Ledger 24.58 Morgan Pettit 25.08 Stephanie Lunn 25.09 Greg Flood 25.16 Phil Aungles 27.41 John Hicks 29.52 Tracey Denning 31.45 Damia O’Loughlin 35.38 Lisa Robbins 36.07 88 starters

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