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Living in Eurobodalla Council Brochure downplays Huntfest

Dear Beagle Editor, Council's recently distributed Living in Eurobodalla brochure has a "What's On" section which includes a very coy description of Huntfest.

There is no mention of the sale of guns or other weapons, which seems to me quite misleading, particularly as children are encouraged to attend by the free entry arrangement for those under 16. Could it be that the council, having approved an arms fair on public land, is a little nervous about promoting it? Given that the reason why we're supposed to accept Huntfest is that it brings tourism to the area, it's even more intriguing that a key feature of the event gets no mention at all in the council's publication. I wonder how many other readers share my view that Eurobodalla Council appears to be shying away from calling attention to its extraordinary decision to allow the sale of guns on public land until at least 2022. Louise Webb