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Broulee Runners Wed 29th Mar

The last run before the end of day light saving attracted 64 starters to a warm still evening.

A particular welcome was given to the Drewson family from America.

Dad Jason is an original Batemans Bay resident and was accompanied by his wife Courtney and his children Kloey and son Oz.

Above: the Drewson family - Courtney, Jason and children Kloey and Oz.

Other new starters were Tricia Burse and Morris Absalom.

Also 9 personal best time were recorded and these were Cameron and Stephanie Lunn, Julianne Domeny, Daisy West, Mitta Henry and the Johnson family consisting of Molly, Anna, Nellie and Richard.

Congratulations goes to Gary Ashton, a regular participant with the group, who ventured into triathlon and he was placed third in is age group in a big event in Canberra last Saturday.

Above: Gary Ashton, who performed with distinction at the Canberra triathlon last Saturday

Next Wednesday 5 April we will commence at 4.30 pm BROULEE RUNNERS RESULTS WEDNESDAY 29 MARCH 2017 2 Kilometres Cameron Lunn 8.08 Elijah Turner-Collins 8.48 Sunni West 9.18 Brendan Wallace 9.28 Bradley Lunn 9.59 Sandra Lunn 10.20 Ann Salmon 10.36 Daisy West 12.01 Cathy West 12.01 David West 12.03 Amber Domeny 13.12 Daniel Wallace 13.14 Ben Turner 13.14 Kloey Drewsen 13.26 Courtney Drewsen 13.27 Mitta Henry 13.44 Poppy Mitchell 14.16 Cathyrn Jeffery 15.16 David McCann 15.28 Charlotte Dixon 15.56 Makayla Wade 16.26 Ziggy Henry16.39 Caroline Ramsay 16.40 Declan McPherson 16.50 Patrick Wade 17.53 Rachael Wade 18.17 Tricia Burse 18.18 Hugo Mitchell 18.28 Michelle Mitchell 18.28 Bruce Allison 18.38 Oz Drewsen 18.45 Jason Drewson 18.46 Will Stone 19.20 Morris Absolom 19.21 Susan Pettit 20.09 Victoria Fleming 20.13 Roz Hayward 20.13 Molly Johnson 24.48 Anna Johnson 24.49 Nellie Johnson 24.49 Richard Johnson 24.50 Julien Dunne 25.10 Sabrina Mallard 25.11 Nina McPherson 25.37 Michelle McPherson 25.38 3.5 Kilometres Stephanie Lunn 16.42 Tess Klower 20.51 Meg Phillips 21.53 Julianne Domeny 22.27 Dylan Holmes 23.02 Mike Kennedy 23.32 Richard Fisher 28.09 5 Kilometres Daniel Beby 17.21 Dave Connaughton 24.37 Gary Ashton 24.37 Nev Madden 25.07 Andrew McPherson 25.41 Morgan Pettit 26.27 Greg Flood 26.47 Deb Connaughton 28.17 Tracey Denning 32.56 Gab Smith 34.10 Lisa Dixon 35.50 Lisa Robbins 38.50 64 Starters

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