Broulee Runners March 22nd 2017

Although the thunder and lightning held off, there was still the wind and rain.

This did not stop 19 people from starting this evening’s run.

Age is no barrier as the youngest was 4 and the oldest 65.

There were personal best times by Meg Phillips, Morgan Pettit and Julie De-Ernsted.

Morgan has made steady improvement in each of his 6 runs with the group, which is an outstanding effort.

In the 5 kilometres, he has improved from 28.32 on 1 February to this evening time of 26.26.

We farewelled Louise Cox, who is returning to England for the summer and she will return to us in October.

We welcomed back Scott Rigby after an absence of 11 months and he showed that he has not lost any of his form during this absence.

Above: Four drowned but tenacious and intrepid runners. From left to right there is Dylan Van Der Meulen, Scott Rigby, Scott Carver and Andrew McPherson.

BROULEE RUNNERS RESULTS WEDNESDAY 22 MARCH 2017 2 Kilometres James Dickinson 8.03 Elijah Turner-Collins 9.30 Bruce Dickinson 10.23 Ben Turner-Collins 13.44 Cathryn Jeffery 15.13 Victoria Fleming 17.07 Audrey Knobel 17.49 Regina Knobel 17.50 Anthony Knobel 17.51 3.5 Kilometres Greg Flood 17.45 Meg Phillips 20.22 5 Kilometres Scott Carver 20.20 Andrew McPherson 21.06 Dylan Van Der Meulen 22.06 Scott Rigby 23.04 Dave Connaughton 25.35 Morgan Pettit 26.26 Louise Cox 26.43 Julie De-Ernsted 29.37 19 Starters

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