Tuross Head men's golf Saturday March 4

Despite previous heavy rain the Tuross Head Country Club course presented itself in excellent condition for last Saturday's Monthly Medal competition.

Michael Walsh was the A grade medal winner with a net stroke round of 68 with Ken Brown filling second placing.with 72.

Ron rogers was the best of the B grade golfers finishing with a net 68 ahead of John Phyland on 73.

In the C grade division Michael Elfar handed in a card of 77 and Michael Allen was second with 78

Michael Walsh won the putting award with 25 putts.

The results In the nearest the pins competition were:

A grade: Dave Gray on the 4th hole was closest with 2.95 m.

Michael Walsh won the 6th with 1.23 m and Michael was also best on the 7th hole with 11.0 m.

B grade: Ron Rogers won the 4th hole with 5.26 m.

Andrew Gordon was awarded the 6th with 1.30 m and

Marty Booth was closest on the 7th with 10.8 m.

The coming Saturday competition is the 18 hole Scoty stableford round.

In the 18 hole Thursday stableford medley competition Paul Israel won with 39 points ahead of Steven O'Shea with 36.

Peter Mostyn 35 points and Mark Haberkorn 34 points filled the remaining placings.

Above: Michael Walsh Tuross Head A grade monthly medal winner.

Above: Tuross Head B grade medal winner Ron Rogers with event sponsor Bruce Martin.

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