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Broulee Runners March 1st, 2017

Good running conditions helped produce 18 personal best times within the field of 61starters.

There were individual PBs as well as family efforts.

The Johnson family of Mollie, Anna, Nellie and Richard, the West family of Sunni and Daisy and the Lloyd-Jones family of Bonnie and Lisa all improved.

The individual stars were Tavis Fairweather, Ethan Shannon, Charlotte Dixon, Anthony Knobel, Christian Proksch, Tess Klower, Morgan Pettit, Lisa Dixon, Tracy Denning and Lisa Robbins.

We welcomed the following new people to the event: Brendan, Vivianne, Keith and Daniel Wallace, Kim Farlie and Marie Zuvich.

Above: An excellent representation of some of the women who regularly participate in our event. They all love to challenge themselves and are great role models for our younger runners.

From left to right there is Lisa Robbins, Lisa Dixon, Tracy Denning, Victoria Fleming, Roz Hayward, Marie Zuvich and Maureen Searson.

BROULEE RUNNERS RESULTS WEDNESDAY 1 MARCH 2017 2 Kilometres Travis Fairweather 7.41 Riley Beby 7.57 Brendan Wallace 8.03 Riley Campbell 8.26 Sunni West 9.17 Ethan Shannon 10.04 Campbell Dixon 10.57 Marty Shannon 11.05 Monty Lloyd-Jones 11.31 Vivianne Wallace 11.37 Bonnie Lloyd-Jones 12.04 Dan Lloyd-Jones 12.05 Lisa Lloyd-Jones 12.05 Emily Dickinson 12.30 Bruce Dickinson 12.31 Mitchell Beby 13.03 Daisy West 13.03 Cathy West 13.03 Ben Turner 13.33 Charlotte Dixon 13.56 Audrey Knobel 13.57 Anthony Knobel 13.58 Keith Wallace 13.89 Daniel Wallace 14.00 Kim Farlie 14.01 Patrick Wade 14.22 Makayla Wade 15.57 Maureen Searson 16.15 Victoria Fleming 16.58 Roz Hayward 16.59 Marie Zuvich 17.04 Rachael Wade 17.34 Poppy Mitchell 19.25 Charley Proksch 21.22 Jo Pollock 21.24 Leo Proksch 21.28 Christian Proksch 21.29 Hugo Mitchell 24.25 Michell Mitchell 24.27 Mollie Johnson 27.02 Anna Johnson 27.04 Nellie Johnson 27.05 Richard Johnson 27.06 3.5 Kilometres Ross Hayward 18.57 Luke Mitchell 19.25 Elijah Turner 19.56 Regina Knobel 20.00 Tess Klower 20.16 Dean Klower 20.17 Paul Searson 21.01 Cathryn Jeffery 27.01 Robyn Kennedy 30.50 5 Kilometres Daniel Beby 17.15 Adrian Connor 22.44 Dave Connaughton 24.35 Morgan Pettit 27.02 Geoff Wells 29.05 Deb Connaughton 28.13 Lisa Dixon 33.02 Tracy Denning 35.28 Lisa Robbins 37.14 61 Starters

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