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Tuross Progress Assoc meeting Feb 2nd

The first meeting of the THPA for 2017 will be held this coming Thursday, 2 Feb 17 commencing at 2 pm followed by afternoon tea/coffee.

Mayor (Mayor Liz Innes), Deputy Mayor (Anthony Mayne) and the Director of Infrastructure Services – Mr Warren Sharpe, OAM will be attending. It is understood that Warren Sharpe intends to unveil the Council plans for the upgrade of facilities at Plantation Point and the Memorial Garden.

Members of the THPA are requested to make the effort to attend and show your appreciation for the attendance of our invited guests.

Members of the public, interested Turossians, are also welcome to attend this meeting and consider joining our Association?

Links: The draft AGENDA for the Meeting Correspondence for the months of December 2016 and January 2017. Minutes of Meeting of Dec 2016

Photo courtesy of South Coast Drones

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