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"The ‘Beagle Weekly’ is just one example of where regional newspapers might be in the future&qu

Robert Macklin, in his latest article in Canberra's CitiNews writes: "WHILE traditional newspapers are going the way of the dodo and social media like Facebook and Twitter are clustering into political echo chambers, a new form of news and views is suddenly on the rise." "Slowly but surely, Australia is getting the message. And one of the brightest new riders of the wave has recently been established in Canberra’s coastal playground – the “Beagle Weekly”. I invite you to read the whole article that you can find via THIS LINK and to also spend a few minutes listening to Peter Greste (below) and his views on where journalism is going. Canberra's online newspaper “CityNews” is an excellent example of the positive future of media with its pro-active website that offers quality journalism complemented by it's free weekly hard copy and digital formats, I am humbled by Robert's comment “The ‘Beagle Weekly’ is just one example of where regional newspapers might be in the future.” Robert's support of the Beagle is very much appreciated. lei

In the 'post truth' era when hoax news travels farther and faster than real news, the demise of traditional journalism with its standards, ethics, training, and fact checking has profound implications for informed public debate. It's keeping Peter Greste awake. Video link from https://www.youtube.com/user/abcradionational under Fair Dealing

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