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Broulee Runners results - Jan 18th


WEDNESDAY 18 JANUARY 2017 Despite the variable weather conditions 43 people started in this evening’s event. The oppressive heat turned to strong southerly winds, which assisted everybody on their way home. Personal best times were recorded by Alba and Elani Van Der Meulan and Lisa Dixon. We had visitors from Sydney and Temora. The Slater sisters Penny and Katie from Sydney, ran the best times for women athletes since Ellie O’Kane set the record back in September 2015. Given better conditions and a clear run Penny would get back the record, which she held prior to Ellie’s record run. New starters Glenn Blunt and Dianne Gee walked the 3.5 kilometres after hearing about the event in the media and were both delighted with their performance and are keen to return and improve on their times

2 Kilometres

Mitchell Beby 11.06

Sophia Carver 11.07

Joshua Loutitt 11.43

Chantelle Loutitt 11.58

Vanessa Loutitt 11.59

Alba Van Der Meulen 13.05

Alexis Carver 13.06

Patrick Wade 13.46

Maureen Searson 14.52

Elani Van Der Meulen 14.59

Dylan Van Der Meulen 14.59

Cathryn Jefferey 15.35

Declan McPherson16.49

Andrew McPherson 16.53

Roz Hayward 17.02

Victoria Fleming 17.06

Ross Hayward 17.07

Makayla Wade 19.06

Rachael Wade 19.07

Nina McPherson 21.54

Michelle McPherson 21.55

Emerson Carver 22.09

Tarryn Carver 22.09

3.5 Kilometres

Paul Searson 20.26

Lisa Dixon 21.34

Karlie Van Der Meulen 21.34

Lisa Robbins 26.32

Robyn Kennedy 27.06

Richard Fisher 29.01

Glenn Blunt 30.29

Dianne Gee 34.48

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.32

Dan Lloyd-Jones 19.12

Penny Slater 19.47

Katie Slater 20.03

Adrian Connor 23.21

Mark Lavender 23.30

Gary Ashton 24.07

Paige Connaughton 24.36

Dave Connaughton 24.56

Greg Flood 25.39

Riley Beby 26.40

Sue Caldwell 31.15

43 Starters The Broulee Runners meet every Wednesday at 5 pm Summer time and 4.30 in the winter at the anchor at Mossy Point for a 2 km, 3.5km or a 5km out and back course. . They have 3 events running simultaneously and people decide what they want to do. The organisers simply record and publish the results.There is no charge and people participate at their own risk. It is a great social event for people from infants to 80 year olds.

Above: The Beby family are regular participants at our event. Mitchell, Riley and very proud dad Daniel. Riley ran his first 5 kilometres distance this evening.

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