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Product safety warning: inflatable air loungers

Product safety warning: inflatable air loungers

NSW Fair Trading are warning consumers against using inflatable air loungers in the water following reports of near drownings.

Inflatable air loungers are fabric tubes that are inflated to form a lounge or bed. They can be used as an alternative to other furniture, and may have an internal plastic liner in addition to an external covering.

There have been a number of reports of the lining splitting while being used in the water, presenting a drowning hazard.

Take steps to remove inflatable air loungers from locations in or around water (including pools) and ensure they are not used by children as flotation devices.

Read the NSW Fair Trading media release for more information http://bit.ly/2j6rYs3

Consumers are encouraged to report any incidents online to the ACCC at www.accc.gov.au or by calling NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20. Source

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