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Princess Leia seen at Broulee

Princess Leia seen at Broulee

Princess Leia found herself rather uncomfortably and immodestly in the clutches of Jabba the Hut thanks to the sand sculpturing efforts of the Keegan and Cleaver families from Canberra at Broulee’s New Years Eve sandcastle competition. Her plight was accentuated by the close threatening proximity of a Tyranosaurus.

The beach just erupted in a plethora of turtles, film stars, crocodiles, mermaids and even sandcastles.

Crowd favourite and overall winner of the sculpture section was the wonderfully inappropriate graveyard for David Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds complete with recently resuscitated bodies.

The Patyus family of Mossy Point had some difficulty with a defiantly prone Christmas tree while the Eastwood family from Sydney bravely came to grips with a giant hermit crab.

Harper and Kirby Smee from Canberra made a huge sneaker with the help of parents Disa and Matt “they only moved the sand around” said Kirby, “we did the art bit”. The Roberts family from Canberra also had a foot fetish with the creation of one belonging supposedly to a “Beach Friendly Giant” but according to one of the kids it was really her dad’s.

John Cleaver of Canberra must have had a big Christmas because he found himself hemmed in by 99 sandy bottles.

The competition, which has been going since 2001, is run but the Broulee Mossy Point Community Association with the vital contribution of insurance cover currently provided by the Broulee Surfschool. Long term Association sandcastle supremo Richard Fisher, who has been king of the castle since 2006, anointed locals John and Debra Waser to mastermind this one.

“It was just terrific”, said Debra. “More than 80 entries and over 1500 people enjoying themselves despite some rather dull drizzly weather. And the explosion of creative talent was something to behold”.

John Waser paid tribute to the numerous local businesses who generously donated prizes including : Broulee Surf School and Total Eco Adventures, Mogo Zoo, Offshore Surfshop, Broulee Pharmacy, The Mossy Cafe Broulee’s Single Fin Gypsy, Milstons Past and Present at Mogo, Middle of Mogo including Lots of Lollies Mogo, In and Out Mogo and Mogo Fudge, Merchants of Mogo and the wonderful backup of the Broulee Surfers Surf Lifesaving Club.

Winners were;


1. Cemetery of the Famous by NO! of Canberra

2. Surf Rescue Boat by The Sandmen of Canberra

3. Hermit Crab by Jaggar Daggers of Sydney

Highly Commended Pippi Shell by Andos of Sydney


1. By Sandy Scandals of Sydney

2. By Horskins family of Inverloch, VIC

3. By Pink Fluffy Unicorns of Canberra

Highly Commended Warren family of Canberra


1. Seal by Allsorts of Canberra