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A plea to stop rubbishing

Dear Beagle Editor, I was wondering if you could remind people to take their rubbish with them from the beach. Today a young girl had collected one large bin liner bag full plus a small bag of rubbish from South Broulee beach. I also find it incredible people walk past rubbish or just leave it. I also find it difficult to believe that people (locals and visitors) continue to illegal dump rubbish. Today I came across a mattress base near the foot path along the beach at Broulee. I have left a message for the council. I have at time found nets, fishing lines, beer bottles, cans and cigarette butts. I want to be able to continue to swim at a clean and safe beach. As my beach has been nominated in the top 100 beaches let's keep it that way, otherwise it becomes an embarrassment and place people will avoid. Thanks Name and address supplied

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