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100 Years Ago - September 18th 1920

DEBATING SOCIETY.– Members of this society met on Tuesday night and commenced rehearsals for the forthcoming mock trial in the form of a breach of promise case.

GOLF CLUB.– The local Golf Club has again been revived and the links are now being renovated. Mr. C. Carter has been appointed Hon. Secretary and Mr. P. Mills Hon. Treasurer.

SNOWBALL TEA.– To raise funds for their Toy Stall at the C.E. Bazaar, Mesdames Gregg and Sanders promoted a delightful Snowball tea at the former’s residence on Tuesday afternoon. After dainty refreshments had been partaken of by the large number present the remaining hour was occupied by an “observation tray” conducted by the hostess. Mesdames L. Jenner and Preddy and Miss Jermyn tied in giving the number of articles on the tray, and on drawing, Mrs Jenner was the lucky winner of a pretty trinket box.

SCENT PRODUCTION.– Mr. Coleman, one of the pioneers of the eucalyptus oil industry, has been experimenting in the production of scent from leaves of plants and trees in our forests. He has discovered one scent-producing leaf, a sample of which has been sent to the Dept. for report.

IMPROVEMENT OF SWEET SORGHUMS. The sorghum flower is particularly adapted to wind pollination, and crossing between types grown close together and maturing at practically the same time is sure to happen. Crossing readily takes place with broom millet, but owing to the very pithy nature of that plant the seed from such crosses is worthless. It is very essential, therefore, that farmers should obtain seed as true to type as possible; and as at the present time crops of sorghum with a distinct lack of uniformity are quite common, and it is one of the aims of the Department of Agriculture to make available to farmers true-to-type seed of all kinds, the improvement of sweet sorghums has become one of the tasks which the Department has specifically set itself.

PICNIC.– Wednesday, 29th inst., has been set apart for the holding of a picnic in aid of the C.E. Snowball Bazaar. The rendezvous will be under the oaks near the Kiora bridge, the scene of many an enjoyable picnic. Mrs. S. Louttit, Hon. Secretary of the Kiora Stall, is the promoter of the promised function.

A DISGUSTING HABIT.– An abominable habit which is frequently being indulged at public functions, especially at dances, in Moruya, is that of chewing gum. If our respectable young ladies refused to dance with vulgarians who have their mouths full of gum this very disgusting practice would soon be discontinued.

FAMILY WANTED for Gannon’s Pt Farm. Either on shares or wages. Apply—BODALLA.

WANTED a good all-round BOY or MAN for farm work. Apply at once. MRS MARTIN STRAHAN, Moruya.

TO LET DAIRY FARM containing 510 acres, known as Cadgee Estate. Will lease for 3 or 5 years with option of buying cows. For further particulars apply—J.T. BYRNE, Cadgee.