100 Years Ago - October 9th 2020

NERRIGUNDAH SPORTS.– Our friends in the Golden Valley notify in this issue that a big day’s sports, with ball at night, will take place on Friday, 12th Nov. The proceeds will be devoted to their Battery fund. Full particulars may be seen on posters.

NAROOMA (From our Correspondent)

On Monday last (Eight-Hour Day) Narooma was treated to a pleasant sight by seeing the old hand ferry punt being replaced by motor power which up to the present is apparently working successfully.

Above: plans for the Narooma punt conversion from the Moruya Historical Society archives


Another whale caught at Eden last week estimated to be worth £500.

A total eclipse of the moon will take place on the evening of the 27th this month.

Cobargo boasts of fifteen members of the Tarlington family being members of the local Agricultural Society.

There are 3,585,000 acres under wheat crop in New South Wales this year, an increase of over half a million acres.

The new 2d stamps are due to be in circulation about the beginning o next week. Their color will be orange and bear the King’s head.

It is said that Storey has assured about a dozen members of Parliament that the referendum on prohibition will take place next year.

One of the biggest deals in the English cinema world has been completed with the Australian production “The Sentimental Bloke.”

An aerial passenger service is being established between Dubbo and Sydney. Each ‘plane will carry twelve passengers.

Higher royalties - amounting in some cases to 100 per cent. Increase - are now being charged on sleepers by the Forestry Commission.

NELLIGEN (From our Correspondents).

Nelligen has lately lost a good citizen in the person of Mr. F. Duffy, who left a few days ago to take up a position under the Harbor Trust. Prior to his departure a large gathering of his friends entertained him at a social evening in the School of Arts, to wish him “Good-bye and good luck.” Eulogistic speeches were delivered by Messrs, McCauley, Cameron and Gumley, and he was presented with a handsome gold chain and suitably inscribed medal. He will be much missed, especially at local dances, at which he invariably acted as M.C. …..

Considerable progress has been made with the factory for treating burrawangs. A portable engine, dynamos, and other machinery, has been landed here, and a number of workmen are putting it in position. The manager’s residence is well under way, and a month or two should see the place ready for a start. The manager, Mr. Dodds, is pushing that work rapidly forward, and the establishment of the industry has already proved of considerable benefit to the district.

Nelligenites were astonished to learn per medium of the “Examiner” that Bateman’s Bay Progress Association has forwarded a counter petition to the one sent from here re alteration of mail services. Considering that the proposed alteration does not in any way inconvenience Bayites, beyond giving them earlier delivery from Nelligen, we quite fail to see the why or wherefore of this “dog-in-the-manger” action. “By their fruits ye shall know them,” and judging by their action in this matter, the Association seems to be a small coterie of busybodies, who have taken upon themselves this unfriendly and unwarranted interference with our endeavours to secure a very necessary improvement in our mail service. The name of the Association might be suitably altered to “The Bateman’s Bay Retrogressive Association.” They progress like the crab is supposed to do—backwards.