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100 Years Ago 8th April 1922

P.P. BOARD ELECTION. – Messrs. H. J. Thomson (photo), H. J. Mallon, F. H. Anderson, J. and R. M. Bate, A. G. Sutherland, F. W. Cork and L. D. Hawdon have been elected as directors of the Broulee P.P. Board for three years.

NIGHTLY DISTURBANCE. – As we have written before, Campbell Street has always been cursed by some pest or another, but now it has a pack of yapping dogs which nightly disturb the peaceful slumbers of the inhabitants. Who will put an end to the trouble?

NEWSTEAD PICNIC. – The school here was en fete on St. Patrick’s Day. At an early hour children gathered together, carrying flowers to decorate the new summer-house, erected on the hill by the teacher, Mr. Selden, with the help of the boys, who must have had many lessons in carpentering, judging by the result. A fine view of our harbor can be seen through one of the diamond-shaped openings, of which there are four. Luncheon was soon ready, and the youngsters, seated on benches in the luxuriant grass outside the school, were supplied with edibles. …

CAR ACCIDENT. – On Thursday, when negotiating the sharpest bend on the Nelligen Road the Rev. G. A. Sanders and Mr. Wilson, A.P.A. Insurance Agent, who was accompanied by Mr. G. Gordon, collided with their motor cars. Fortunately none of the occupants were injured, but the cars suffered minor damages, which are covered by insurances. The Rev. Fathers Costello and Perkins, who were on their way home, brought the stranded C. E. Minister into Moruya.

VALEDICTORY. – On Monday night last Mr. P. J. Gannon was the recipient of a very complimentary send-off on the eve of his departure from the district in the shape of a social evening and presentation. The pleasant function took place in the large dining-room of Mr. P. J. Mylott’s private residence, Queen Street. … During the evening Mr. R. B. Heffernan, on behalf of his many friends, presented Mr. Gannon with a well filled wallet of notes. During an eloquent and eulogistic speech Mr. Heffernan referred to Mr. Gannon’s many amiable qualities and the unostentatious services rendered to the community in all public movements in which his talents had been requisitioned. Mr. Gannon would be very much missed and so would his amiable wife and nice family. Mrs. Gannon, who like her husband, was a native of Moruya, was a willing helper on the musical platform, and the knowledge disseminated by her as a teacher of artistic painting will long be lovingly remembered by her many students throughout this town and district. …


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