100 Years Ago - 26th November 1921

HEIFERS FOR JAVA. – By the steamer Benandra, which left here on Sunday, Mr. Hutchison, manager of the Bodalla Estate, shipped ten Holstein heifers to Sydney, where they will be transhipped to Java.

WORKING BEE. – Mr. R. L. Dawson is arranging a Working Bee to repair the culvert over Congo Creek, leading to one of our many beauty spots on the coast, for the convenience of picnickers, tourists and fishermen. Anyone willing to give a helping hand is kindly requested to meet at the scene of the operation at 9 a.m. on 30th inst. Now then, sports, roll up!

DEATH. – It is with the deepest regret that we have to record the death of Mr. “Jack” Skehan, of Mullenderree, aged 52 years….Three brothers, Messrs. Michael (Milton), William (Sydney), Daniel (Mullenderree) and two sisters, Miss Lizzie (Mullenderee) and Mrs. H. A. Ryan (“East Lynne”, Bateman’s Bay) are left to mourn the loss of a devoted and affectionate brother.

SURFERS, BEWARE! – A number of our exchanges report that sharks are numerous along our coast at present. Several 14-feet specimens have lately been observed patrolling the surf further south.

NEW SETTLERS’ LEAGUE. – A public meeting will be held at Moruya on Thursday, 1st December, for the purpose of forming a branch of the New Settlers’ League of Australia. Divisions of the League have been formed in three States, and are contemplated in the others, for the purpose of stimulating immigration and ensuring the proper reception and assimilation of immigrants….About 100 branches should be formed in N.S.W. by the end of the year.

HOSPITAL MEETING. - …Correspondence received from H. W. Strong, secretary of Bateman’s Bay effort in aid of Hospital, stating that a sum of £54 1s 4d had been realized by the effort and that they would endeavor to make it an annual affair. The secretary was instructed to acknowledge same and convey thanks for those splendid results on behalf of this institution. From Australectic Ltd., enquiring if our hospital required an X-ray set installed as they would do it on easy term. The committee decided they were not in a position to install a set at the present time. Matron’s Report. – Number of patients in hospital…,one admitted since last report, five; total treated at hospital since last report, six; discharged since last report (recovered), three; remaining in hospital on 16th November, three; fees received from matron and received by Treasurer £3. Donations in kind received. – Mrs. W. Stephens, vegetables, eggs and flowers; Miss M. White, old linen; Mrs. J. F. Loutitt, eggs, fruit and flowers; Mrs. Donovan, eggs; Mrs. M. Whelan, eggs; Mrs. P. Lynch, eggs and fruit; Miss E. Mason, eggs and vegetables; Mrs. T. Flood, Flowers.

Extracted from the Moruya Examiner by the Moruya and District Historical Society Inc. https://www.mdhs.org.au

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