100 Seniors share their stories

One hundred seniors have shared their tales of triumph and tragedy in this year’s edition of Seniors’ Stories Volume 5.

Acting Minister for Seniors Geoff Lee  today launched the inspiring book in front of the 100 authors at NSW Parliament House. “The stories featured in the book are truly remarkable and will make you smile, cry and maybe even relate to the author,” Mr Lee said. “This book is an opportunity for seniors to participate in the community, showcase their skills and share knowledge with younger generations. “These authors are sharing their wisdom and creativity while breaking down ageist stereotypes.” An initiative of the NSW Seniors Card, members were invited to contribute short stories to the book. Their tales include the emotional reunion of two sisters separated at birth, a dramatic escape from a fire and a romance at sea. The NSW Government introduced the series of book in 2013 as a way of recognising and valuing the experiences of seniors. “I would encourage everyone in NSW to go out and get a copy of the book,” Dr Lee added. “It is a great read and gives a rare insight into the lives of seniors and their perspectives.” Seniors’ Stories Volume 5 will be available at all local libraries across NSW from 16 December 2019, or a copy can be downloaded here. To view and download previous editions please click HERE