The Need for Feedback on the Abstract and Its Features

Of course, when defending a dissertation, the department where this procedure took place is obliged to issue a conclusion as an official document. In addition, there are obligatory reviews specially written for the dissertation. One of these reviews can be created by a or your dissertation supervisor or a research consultant, it all depends on the type of work.

If the thesis is being written to obtain a PhD, then the review is handled by the supervisor, if the dissertation is being written to obtain a doctoral degree, the candidate in science. All this should be accompanied by a review of the educational institution, which is the leader.

As a rule, the role of such a higher education institution is played by a third-party institution that makes an opinion on the work done by a potential recipient of a scientific degree. Great for defending a dissertation, reviewing an opponent or a specialist who is leading in the thesis topic. That is, if the topic of the dissertation is the banking sector of the country, then the best review would be a comment by the head of the country's leading bank.

Publication of the abstract

The abstract is posted on the VAK website, after which it becomes as accessible as possible to everyone. The dissertation defense should be as public and transparent as possible for any user interested in the world of science. Of course, you should not expect only positive feedback on a scientific work, very often there can be ill-wishers who can leave a negative feedback about the work.

By the time you receive feedback, you should approach it responsibly. Perhaps you need to look for people who are more likely to appreciate your work as best they can. What to do if the scientific work received a negative review? And if the work received several negative reviews? In this case, the first thing to do is not to panic.

The main thing is to get feedback, even if they are negative. The regulation does not set the number of bad reviews, which means that a huge list of angry and possibly not entirely constructive comments will not cancel the defense procedure. This is worth remembering at the moment when you receive feedback on the abstract.

This is very important, since the very decision and the order to confer an academic title is issued by the Ministry of Education, in connection with this, absolutely all papers related to protection must be received by this institution.

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