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Warning to visitors : 1080 baits

The Beagle Editor, This sign appeared on Dalmeny Beach close to a popular beach,shops and a dog-friendly caravan park. Eurobodalla Shire Council have accepted only vague responsibility, even though they profess to be concerned about the environment, and are happy to promote the natural beauty of the area in their monthly tourist brochures. Many believe they they should be encouraged to make a stronger stand.

Use of such a controversial and dangerous poison as 1080 should be widely discussed and debated at all levels of government, taking into more consideration the ideas of scientists and ecologists when they express an overall concern for the environment and the declining diversity of wildlife across the land, rivers and seas of our country.  In our particular it should depend largely on whether or not  we wish to justify the claim to be the Nature Coast or are willing to allow it to become another Gold Coast.

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