Vale: Beryl Brierley

by Hika Tarawa Te Kowhai To the People of WALBUNJA, It is with the Greatest of Sadness and loss, that WALBUNJA announces the sudden passing of our Beloved Granny Beryl Brierley, the eldest of our People and the Paramountcy of Walbunja, a descendant of Walbunja’s Apical Ancestor the Great King Andy.

Walbunja conveys and extends to Uncle John and Uncle Wayne, to their family and to all the members of the Andy and Brierley Families, our sincere and wholehearted condolences and sympathies on the sudden passing of Granny Brierley, we hold the dearness of our Andy and Brierley Families in our hearts and in our prayers during this sad period of loss and mourning.

To Granny Brierley, Walbunja Salutes you and you will forever remain in our hearts and minds and we will forever remember you.

Granny Brierley, you are WALBUNJA’S hero, and you will live on as one of the Greatest of all our Legends across all our Generations.

This is one of the most important moments in the life of our people, that we can believe, and that we can all aspire and hope to achieve to live as long as you.

God Bless You Granny Brierley, God Bless WALBUNJA, and May God Bless the People of WALBUNJA.

Granny Doris Davis will now ascend to the Supreme and Absolute Paramountcy of Walbunja as is the Law and Custom of our People and we embrace her as she ascends to the Paramountcy of Walbunja.

A state of morning is now in effect and Eurobodalla Shire Council will be requested to lower their flags to half mast as a sign of great loss and great respect.

We are Walbunja, may you rest peacefully for all eternity.

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