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Tuross Head Country Club men’s golf Saturday March 4 2023

Tuross men golfers compete in Monthly Medal competition

Tuross Head Country Club men golfers competed in an extremely close round of stroke play golf to determine the winner of the March Monthly Medal.

Played over three divisions Ian Miller emerged as the Medal of Medal winner

with a low score of 69 net strokes.

Allen Gannon won A grade division with 70 strokes.

Ian Miller was the best B grade golfer and Michael Elfar won C grade also with 70 strokes

Malcolm Gilbertson had the lowest off the stick score on the well presented Tuross Head course with a score of 69.

Monthly Medal Winners

A-1st Allen GANNON 70 net

A-2nd Brad DOOLAN 70

B-1st Ian MILLER 69

B-2nd Lars GAUPSET 69

C-1st Michael Elfar 70

C-2nd Peter GARN 71

Overall Monthly Medal: In Miller 69 net

Lowest Off the Stick Score: Malcolm GILBERTSON Malcolm 69

Golden Shot: Steve Collins 1.42m.

Ball Winners.

Malcolm GILBERTSON 70, John EGLITIS 71, 71, Nick BRICE 71, Herb MURIWAI 72, Robert MCDONELL 73, Paul COFFEY 73, Paul FERGUSON 73, Colin HOUGHTON 73, Bruce MARTIN 74, Reginald APPS 74, Michael HOGAN 75, Martin BOOTH 75, Shane GSCHWEND 75, Tony BROWN 75, Michael COLOE 76, Michael ALLEN 76, Ian MANTON 76, Frank POMFRET 76, Peter ENGELBRECHT 77, Terry MILLIKEN 77, Steve COLLINS 77, David WILLIAMS 77, Bruce HANDLEY 77, Ian MCMANUS 77, Allan LANGFORD 77.

A grade: 4t Daryl Kildey 3.68m, 6t Nick Brice 2.84m, 7t Mal Gilbertson 30cm.

B grade:4t Richard Wharton 4.24m, 6t Shane Gschwend 1m

Nearest the Pins

A grade:4t Daryl Kildey 3.68m, 6t Nick Brice 2.84m, 7t Mal Gilbertson 30cm.

B grade: 4t Richard Wharton 4.24m, 6t Shane Gschwend 1.69m.

C grade: 4t Peter Garn 6.00m.

C grad: 4t Peter Garn 6.00m.

Stableford Medley Thursday 2 March 2023



Ball Winners

Shirley QUINLAN 37, Gail PAGE 35, Brad DOOLAN 35, Michael COLOE 35, Ruth GSCHWEND 35, Stephen GARDNER 35, Graeme BELL 35, Lars GAUPSET 32, Rob GREEN 32, Robert MCDONELL 32, Darrell KILDEY 32, Colin HOUGHTON 31, Ian MILLER 31, Jim MADDEN 31, Shane GSCHWEND 31.

Nearest the Pins.

4th hole: Samantha Dryden 1.49m.

6th hole: Bruce Handley 1.38m.

7th hole: Bruce Handley 0.81m.

Medal of Medals winner: Ian Miller.

Below: Allen Gannon A grade medal winner with vice captain Nigel Barling


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