Tuross Head Country Club men’s golf competition results October 9 2021

Bruce Harding beats Tony Brown on stableford countback

Saturday’s golf competition on October 16 will revert to 4-person tee times. The start sheet will be available from 10am Monday October 11 from the console in the club house. All members should have received a circular from the Tuross Head Country Club Board which includes the following - "If you do not have evidence of double vaccination, you will not be permitted to enter the club or use its sporting facilities". Presentations after competition will also resume on Saturday 26th. Single Stableford Competition Winners Saturday October 9 2021`

Tuross Head Country Club golfing members played a men’s single stableford competition on Saturday 9th.

Bruce Harding with 40 stableford points won the event from Tony Brown on a countback.

Prize Winners

Bruce Harding 40 stableford points.

Tony Brown 40

Peter Hogan 37

Bruce Cleeve 37

Ben Hewison 37

Ball Winners

Ian Manton 36, Troy Kingdom 35, Paul Ferguson 35, John Phyland 35, Ken Hush 35, Peter Moyston 35, Steve Johnston 35, Ian McManus 35, Paul Pereira 34, Michael Coloe 34, Michael Elfar 34, Jason Nikolic 34, Michael Allen 34, Allen Gannon 33, Darren Willmouth 33, Graeme Bell 33, Steve Collins 33, Richard Wharton 33, Jim Madden 33 and Trevor Jones 33.

Thursday October 7th medley stableford competition results.

Kevin Reilly 43 stableford points.

Greg Smith 38

Michael Coloe 38

Aaron Monopoli 38

Neil Mather 37

Ball Winners

Michael Allen 37, Graeme Bell 37, Elsa Shearer 36, Derek Hoare 36, Dorothy Madden 36,Nigel Barling 35, Ian Manton 35, Ruth Gschwend 35, Bruce Martin 35, Kerrie Sands 35, Ron Rogers 34, Ian McManus 34, Steve Johnston 34, Jim Madden 34, Bruce Lidbury 33, Ian Kingston 33, Nick Brice 33 and Col Houghton 33. Heading back to normal arrangements Next Thursday’s competition on October 14th will still operate from a two person start sheet and sharing carts will be permissible.

Photo: Tuross Head Country Club golf course.