The Bee Team needs materials

The Bee Team at Yumaro Living have beeeeeen extremely buzzy making lots of Bee Hotels for their clientele. Joey and Matt, the Bee-Advisors, have now allocated 8 hours per week so they can build the Bee Hotels with the residents of Yumaro Living. As you can see by the photos, everyone is having lots of fun especially in the sunshine weather.

The Bee Team are asking for donations of Bamboo, Pallets, Wood (including Drift Wood), Shells, Small Rocks and even some Dried Twigs. These are the things that they will mostly need to be able to build the hotels.

Yumaro Living is located conveniently on the corner of Campbell Street and Foreman Street in the heart of Moruya or alternately you can drop off any of the above materials at Yumaro – 6 Shelley Road, North Moruya Industrial Estate.

In Joey’s words, “We are so excited to get this project up and running this year and have many fabulous ideas to add to our Bee Team Creative space.”

Please contact Joey or Matt for more information – 4474 5819 or

Thank you in advance, The Bee Team

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