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Tackle World Moruya Fishing Report Aug 26th

Moruya River. I guess it’s been 2 weeks since our last report, given I was away on holidays. We have had reasonable weather in that time, except for the near freezing blast earlier this week! The river has continued to be a little on the quiet side with the exception of some good tailor schools towards the front of the system around Preddy’s wharf. The fish have been a medium size, but the numbers have certainly made up for the average size. They have been a good source for the smokers in the area, or those wanting to salt them down for baits later in the year. There are still a few flathead lurking deep, but anglers are having to annoy the heck out of the fish to illicit a response. This is the norm with the cooler waters we are experiencing. As we approach the end of August and the rapidly approaching spring season, the weather and waters will slowly start to warm up over the next month or so. We can expect that the shallow flats areas will warm first, which will spark the flathead into a post winter feeding period. Early spring is a good time to target big flathead as they try to put condition on after a slow winter. They tend to bite hard to start, then will slow down as they get their fill, before moving into the normal period of high activity over summer. We will have to see what this summer brings weather wise, as early predictions are for yet another La Niña or wet summer this year, the third in a row!

Tuross River. Flathead continue to grace the decks and buckets of anglers working this system of late. While quiet by usual standards, there are still fish to be found for this prepared to put in the effort. The deep hole in front of the boat shed always seems to produce a fish or two, while the holes in front of four ways also are holding a few fish. As the season progresses and water temps rise, Tuross, with its extensive flats areas is always the first system to see a spike in flathead activity as they come out of a slow winter and feed up for summer. Any flats that have a dark, muddy substrate, will be areas to concentrate on, as the dark bases warm faster than the sandy ones early season. Start with small 2.5” soft plastic presentations and work up to the bigger 4-8” presentations as the summer comes into full swing. Come October we will have a new range of paddle tail baits from Atomic that will go all the way up to 200mm for those chasing XOS Flathead or Mulloway. Keep an eye on our socials for when they arrive.

Rock and Beach. Salmon have been abundant in their numbers I have been told, as have the Tailor from the local beaches and the Moruya Breakwall. Drummer should still be a good option off the local ledges as they prefers a cooler water temperature. Saturday is looking to be the pick of the days this weekend, with little wind before it picks up on Sunday afternoon.

Offshore. Snapper, flathead, mowong have all been reported in close, with the odd Bluefin Tuna out wide. We will be getting an range boost to our stock of baits on the lure wall in the next few weeks, as new stock becomes available to Australian market from some of the major suppliers. Stay tuned for those.

It’s good to be back on deck after a busy few weeks off, now to knock over stock take and make room for the new bits and pieces that will be turning up. Thanks to Russell for covering for me while I was away, now it’s time to get ready for what will hopefully be a busy, productive summer period.

Stay safe everyone and remember, “everyday’s a good day for fishing…” Team Tackle World Moruya.

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