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Tackle World Moruya Fishing report

Moruya River. We are, now very much in the change of season, with the ocean water temps still warm but starting to drop and the river temps quickly on the plummet. The back of the system has seen a big drop in temp, as low as 13deg, after last weekends rains. This will drastically slow the bite activity down that we have been used to. Now is the time to start to slow your retrieve, and to keep working the same areas multiple times trying to get a reaction bite. As the water temp drops, the clarity will increase, making it easier for fish to see what they are eating. Longer, lighter leaders will start to become the norm to try and get a bite. While the sea temps are still relatively warmer than the river temps, the front part of the system will be the place to look. A degree or two difference will mean a lot for fish activity.

There have been some very nice sized tailor in the river this week, with Preddy’s wharf proving itself a good spot to try and find a fish or two. The airport flats have still seen a few fish around, although the activity has slowed. Live nippers are a great option when presentation is making a difference in fish hooked. The Garlandtown flats are the best spot to find a few for bait, and is also a great spot to fish those freshly pumped nippers.

The town bridge will start to see good numbers of estuary perch along the southern weed beds, as they start their winter months breeding run. Please remember that as of the 1st May, estuary perch and bass are now a zero bag limit and must be returned to the water immediately after capture. This allows for them to spawn in peace and add to the rivers population.

Tuross River. After last weekends rains, the upper sections of Tuross have dropped in temp, same as Moruya. So most activity this weekend will be towards the lower sections of the river. Bream and flathead will require a little more effort from anglers to find and tempt as the water temps drop. Try looking to the deeper sections of the river with metal vibe style lures or soft plastics. When the water temp drops and water clarity increases, the fish find the deeper sections that provide more cover to hide in. For those fishing with baits, burley can make a big difference when things start to slow down. Bringing the fish to you is always a great way to find fish. If nothing has happened within 30-40minutes of starting a burley trail, it’s probably time to try some where else. But do make sure you give the trail, time to work.

Rock and beach. There have been some stinking big tailor and salmon on the beaches this last week. Fish around the 45-50cm mark have been a regular occurrence along the beaches this week. Moruya breakwall has also seen its fair share of fish after up the big seas from last weekend abated. Pilchards on gang hooks or metals cast and retrieved have undone a few nice fish along this favourite bit of south coast structure. Most of the local headlands will also have a few fish on them after the big stir up last weekend. Big seas mean a lot of food will have been dislodged and broken up, making for mother natures own burley trail.

Offshore. I haven’t had too many reports from outside this week, as not alot of people ventured out. After the seas of last week, you can expect that the snapper will looking for a feed of freshly stirred up food items. They will start to venture in close, as the winter season progresses, as the cuttlefish come into spawn. Snapper in close is a great winter option.

The bait freezer is well stocked at the moment, with no major shortages to report. Don’t forget, that we at Tackle World Moruya, are you local agent for Kings 4WD Adventure gear. So if there is something you are chasing, and don’t want to travel to Canberra, we have a good range in-store.

Stay safe everyone and remember, “everyday’s a good day for fishing…” Team Tackle World Moruya.


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