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Tackle World Moruya Fishing Report

Moruya River.

Take one look at the sea surface temperature charts, and you will see an express route of warm/hot currents screaming down along the coast line all the way past the Victorian border.

The fishing as a result is alive and kicking. We may have had a slow start to summer, but it has more than made up for it.

Moruya river is on song at the moment, with all of the usual suspects in attendance, and playing ball.

In the lower sections of the river, flathead, bream, trevally, salmon and tailor have all been experienced this week. Whitebait has been a good producer for those chasing both bream and flathead. I like to rig them on a small gang hook of about #2 and drift them down along then rock walls that line a large portion of the river. This can prove deadly for the bigger bream, trevally, salmon and tailor. For the flathead, I like to send the whitebait a little further out into the channels, again on a small gang hook setup.

For those wanting to get a feed of whiting, collecting squirt worms should be your first priority, as these seem to be the feed of choice for the whiting at the moment. Given the water temps, surface lures should also tempt a whiting or two.

The bass continue to have a steady presence upstream in the fresh water reaches of the river. Night seasons with cicada presentations, or any surface lure will find a few XOS sized fish. Reports of fish well over the magic 50cm mark have come in the shop, with pics to back up the claims .

Get out there and catch a few fish is all I can advise.

Tuross River.

As is the case with the Moruya River, Tuross is also firing at the moment. With fish available from the mouth all the way up into the fresh sweet waters.

Flathead, as always are the king of this system, with good fish being taken on baits and artificial throughout the system. A run out tide is traditionally the best time to target flathead, with the gutters and drains that concentrate fish into ambush zones the areas that you want to work. Remember that flathead will be feeding into the current, so your baits of lures will need to be travelling with the current to look natural. This stays the same on an incoming tide also.

Bream and whiting traditionally are targeted on a flooding or incoming tide as they move out onto the flats areas to feed.

If you implement these basic principles, you should increase your chances of finding fish. But, there are no hard a fast rules set in stone, fish will be where you find them, and they don’t read texts books!

The areas up around the Bodalla bridge have been holding good flathead, bream, whiting and the odd mulloway.

Get out on the water, and try for a few fish this weekend.

Rock and Beach.

Salmon, bream and whiting have all been readily available oblong the coast beaches this week. While the stones have continued to produce some nice Drummer and Bluefish. Bluefish are a northern species that can be readily found around Lord Howe Island. They look very much like a Luderick except for the blueish colouration along the body and around the eyes. They are a protected species, so please be aware of what is going into the kill bucket with northern visitors turning up along the coast.

Longtail tuna are travelling down along the coast this time of the year, so for those wanting to get amongst some land based action, now is the time to be prevention lures and baits off the stones. Pretty point would be the pick of the ledges to try for one of these northern speedsters.


The seas at the moment are full of fish, with the striped Marlin run easing off and the Blue and Black Marlin taking their place with the warm waters. This is keeping many games crews occupied. Mahi Mahi or dolphin fish have been found hanging around the FADS that string up the coast at the moment, so if a fast swimming, jumping fluorescent blue/green and gold sport fish is on your bucket list, now is a good time to target them.

There have been great reports of flathead in as little as 15m of water, with good numbers also found around the new artificial reef.

The snapper crews are having good success out in 50+m of water at the moment also.

It is a great time of the year to be fishing, and it will only improve at we move into March and April. Easter is shaping up to be a great time for a fish this year. this trend continues.

The shop is pretty well restocked at the moment, with some more items coming in over the next week or so. There are some baits shortages at the moment, with mullet fillet, worms on that list.

We are on the search for a weekend staff member, please see the attached pic for details if this is something that may interest you.

Stay safe everyone and remember, “everyday’s a good day for fishing…”

Team Tackle World Moruya.


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