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Tackle World Fishing Report

Moruya River. Holy Dooly, are we really in June??? Where has the year gone? With the passing of May, brings the passing of the whales, and they seem to be every where out the front at the moment. The cemetery at south head is a great vantage point to do a bit of whale spotting, as is one tree point down at Tuross. Any of the major headland will offer a good viewing point to watch as the seasonal visitors cruise along our part of the coast. The river is starting to show signs of the fishing starting to slow down as we move into the cooler parts of the year. Most of the activity has been concentrated around the lower sections of the river, with bream, tailor and flathead still available. The whiting have really started to slow up in the river as the water cools off. The use of burley to attract fish while bait fishing can’t be overlooked as we move into winter. Getting a burley trail going and letting it work for at least 20-30 minutes is the key. If after 45 minutes no fish have decided to show up, it’s probably time to move locations and try again. For the crew that like to throw artificials, blades come into their own this time of year. As the fish move into the deeper holes, a metal blade allows you to get deep and slowly work an area where fish will be hiding. Slowly is the key to most cool water fishing, you need to let the fish time to bite the lure, as they start to move a lot slower with the cooler temps. The quarry wharf has a great hole just down stream of the wharf, the hospital has a few nice holes in front and Preddy’s wharf has a small hole just upstream of the wharf. All these areas are a good place to start.

Tuross River. The fishing in Tuross this week, has been about the same as the Moruya system. With the cooler temps starting to take effect the fish will be starting to move to the deeper holes. Much like Moruya a good burley trail for those bait fishing can help spark a bit of interest, while the lure throwers, will want to start slowing their retrieve rates down, and start looking to the deeper holes. The lower sections and areas around four ways have been fishing well this week, with all these parameters in mind. Although it is along way upstream, snake flat has several nice holes along the banks and has long been known as a mulloway hide out. Lures worked slowly and deep have been known to attract the attention of a hungry fish. The tide change, seems to be the best time to be fishing these areas for a silver ghost, so keep in mind the tide variance for theses upper sections. It could be as much as 3 hours. Flathead will be available all through the cooler months, but they do slow up considerably, so slowly working lures to annoy them enough to entice a bite will be the key to getting a feed. Bladed style lures, as mentioned before, will come into their own.

Rock and Beach. The tailor and salmon are continuing to keep beach and rock anglers entertained this last week. With the last of the summer bream and whiting starting to slow up from the beaches also. For those that like to get wet for a feed, there have been reports that the travelling crays have started to show up along the rock ledges. So you can either set a pot from a boat, or don a wetsuit, and grab the 3 that you are now allowed to take. Be sure to always have your measure on you, so that you don’t fall foul of fisheries by having undersized fish. Moruya breakwall, has fished ok this last few days, with little to no swell, the fishing has been laid back and relaxed. A little swell isn’t a bad thing as it tends to stir up the food sources that the resident fish look for as well as provide cover under which they can feed.

Offshore. Snapper, and flathead have been the mainstays for those getting out this last week. With all the cruising whales around at the moment, remember that there is a 300m exclusion zone if the travelling whale is with a calf, or 100m if no calf is present. Please respect these visitors as they move along the coast.

The bait freezer is only missing mullet fillet at the moment, with everything else available and in supply.

The sea state looks ok this weekend, with no real wind forecast, and only minor rainfall on the cards. So get out and enjoy our beautiful area, wether you are going for a dive or a fish, or just standing out on a headland watching the passing parade of whales.

Stay safe everyone and remember, “everyday’s a good day for fishing…” Team Tackle World Moruya.


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