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Serenity NOW

SERENITY NOW Broulee Mossy Point Community Association strongly believe that stormwater should be managed within the bounds of the development. The Association says: Below are some photos of the impact from the current stage on Clarke St where all stormwater management is dumped outside the development to the detriment of the community.

Above: An example of Eurobodalla Councils "innovative" stormwater management in 2022. South Broulee storm water drain.

Above: Bio swale located on Clarke St outside the development, required clearing of vegetation and installation of drainage on community land

Above: Bio-swale located outside the development, required clearing of all vegetation along Broulee Rd for the installation of drainage on public land. This drain is immediately next to the road providing no place to stop along Broulee Rd and the lack of trees is an eyesore to the entrance to our town.

Above: Current DA showing clearing of Captain Oldrey for management of Stormwater. The community land is cleared of vegetation (just drive down Broulee Rd), swales are dug and filled with concrete drains and blue stone (sometimes within centimetres of the road edge).

Any overflow water is dumped as an eye-sore onto Broulee Beach. This added flow to the Stormwater system makes the drain constantly run and we even had raw-sewage flow out onto Broulee beach last year. (Note: we are fully aware that the style of the Broulee stormwater system means that groundwater also can access the system but significant new sections from roads/roofs have been connected to the system in recent years accounting for increased flow).

We would like to imagine a world where the Council Planning Team takes a balanced approach and considers the community interests above the profit of developers.

This could include: *. Ensuring that no established trees on adjoining Public Open Space are cleared as a result of the development. This could be achieved by utilising the Shires surveying team to mark out the locations of tall trees on the adjoining public land and making sure that large developments like this take these into account during the plan. This would treat these established trees like assets similar to how existing water mains and sewers are considered during planning.

*. Stormwater should be managed within the bounds of the development. The DA is proposing that the southern boundary of Captain Oldrey Park should be cleared to dig in stormwater pits (“bioswales”). We demand that no “Bioswales” be constructed on Public Lands of Captain Oldrey Park AND no new water should be pumped out onto South Broulee beach. In the context of this DA this would mean that the developer would need to adjust the plan to locate “Bioswales” in Serenity Place and Saltwater Crescent to retain the stormwater collected from these roofs and roads. Because the “Bioswales” need to be at a lower level this would require no fill for these areas and they could choose locations that have an existing established tree - think of the serenity in Serenity place for new residents to have an established tree in their street (the only one in the whole Broulee Beach Estate!). It will be 60 or more years before the proposed new planting on the planners CAD drawings reach this height. We note that this redesign could result in fewer blocks or reduction in size of some of the proposed blocks - however we think this is the example of a balanced approach between community interests and developer profits.

*. Infrastructure required to service our new residents in the development should be located on the developers land. In the context of this DA, the road reserve for Ian Fraser Drive should be completely within the developer land and not encroach on the Public Open Space. Furthermore, it should be planned to be wide enough to incorporate: - two lanes of traffic, - nose-in parking along the full east-west road-way. This additional parking would contribute to the additional parking required by the hundreds of new residents across the full Broulee Beach Estate who would be using the Public Open Space of Captain Oldrey Park. Retaining the tall trees on community land along the southern border of Captain Oldrey would provide welcome shade for those new car-spots situated in the bounds of the development - a shared cycle path running east-west along the boundary of Captain Oldrey but wholly within the development

We acknowledge that the extra width required for the nose-in parking along Ian Fraser Drive road reserve may require some reduction in block-size of the current plan. We feel this balanced approach to community interest and developer profits.

NOTE: Comments were TRIALED - in the end it failed as humans will be humans and it turned into a pile of merde; only contributed to by just a handful who did little to add to the conversation of the issue at hand. Anyone who would like to contribute an opinion are encouraged to send in a Letter to the Editor where it might be considered for publication

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