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SCULPTURE Bermagui winners

2022 Award Winners - Congratulations to all recipients!

* Bermagui Beach Hotel Award – No.38 by John Fitzmaurice: ‘Twist and Pop’

* SCULPTURE Bermagui Award – No.2 by Sam Anderson: ‘Bwindi’

* Cox Family Acquisitive Award – No.49 BY Daryl Harbrow: ‘King of the Sky’

* Rob and Sally Hawkins Acquisitive Award – No.92 by Edward Willson: ‘First Day on Earth’

* Bermagui Business Acquisitive Award – No.32 by Michael Ferris: ‘Forest’

* Dorothy Heasty Award – No.147 by Brandt Noack: ‘Seaweed Fruits 3’

* Bermagui Country Club People’s Choice Award for Outdoor Sculpture - No.42 by Jesse Graham: ‘2020 Vision’

* Bega Cheese People’s Choice Award for Indoor Sculpture - No.172 by Emily Valentine: ‘Lorwhawha’

* Peter ‘Beatle’ Collins Memorial Acquisitive Award - No.141 by Boyd McMillan: ‘Windy Morning’

* Carol Ladd Encouragement Award – Bob Teasdale

* South East Arts Award – No.61 by Daniel Lafferty: ‘Boulders by Fire’

* Ivy Hill Gallery Exhibition Award – Shannon Stone

- Images provided by David Rogers Photography and artists.* *